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Virtual, not physical, communications gateways that allow a computer to organize requests for information from other networks or computers are called ______.

logical ports

When a firewall is designed specifically for home networks, it is called a ______.

personal firewall

A program that appears to be something useful to desirable, but at the same time does something malicious in the background without your knowledge, is called a ______.

Trojan horse

The procedure used to assign IP address is called ______.

dynamic addressing

Amateur hackers who use tools created by skilled hackers that enable unskilled novices to wreak the same havoc as professional hackers are called ______.

script kiddies

A program that executes whenever a computer boots up, ensuring that the virus will be loaded into memory immediately, even before some virus protection programs can load is called a ______.

master boot record

A computer program that attaches itself to another computer program and attempts to spread itself to other computers when files are exchanged is called a ______.


What is another name for security updates from software manufacturers?


Which of the following are considered slightly different from viruses as they can run independently of host file execution?


A virus that replicates itself into a hard drive's master boot record is called a ______.

boot-sector virus

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