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  1. bemused
  2. gnawing
  3. regarded
  4. scornful
  5. solemnly
  1. a persistent and troubling
  2. b caused somebody to be confused or puzzled
  3. c thought carefully about someone or something; judged
  4. d feeling or expressing great contempt for someone or something
  5. e in a humorless or formal manner

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  1. a pain-relieving cream or ointment
  2. downcast, disappointed, or humiliated
  3. to seize and punish someone believed to have committed a crime
  4. beat, battered, or tore at a person or animal
  5. in an unrelentingly harsh or cruel way

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  1. avertedunsatisfactorily small; unsatisfying


  2. concealingcringing or moving backward defensively in fear


  3. entrancedlooked over; made a judgment about


  4. wrylya long step


  5. indignationanger about an unfairness or wrongdoing


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