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Time from induction to complete reversal of anesthesia.


Medication that produces temporary loss of feeling or sensation.


Supply or distribution of nerves to a specific body part.


Describes an object with minute openings that allow the passage of gas or fluid.


Measurement of oxygen cencentration in the blood.

Anterior Palatine Nerve Block

Anesthesia in the postierior portion of the hard palate.

Local Anesthesia

The most frequently used form of pain control in dentistry.

Local Infiltration

Injecting into a small, isolated area.

Incisive Nerve Block

Given only when the mandibular anterior teeth or premolars require anesthesia. Given at the site of the mental foramen.


the spread or flow throughout.

Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block

The injection of the anesthetic solution near, but not into, the branches of the inferior alveolar nerve close to the mandibular foramen.

Field Block

The injection of anesthetic near a larger terminal nerve branch.


Type of drug that contricts (narrows) blood vessels; used to prolong anesthetic action.

Nasopalatine Nerve Block

Anesthesia in the anterior hard palate.


Standard dimension or measurement of the thickness of an injection needle.


Numbness that lasts after the affects of local anesthetic solution should have worn off.


To spread from an area of high concentration to one of low concentration.

Topical Anesthetic

Provides a temporary numbing effect on nerve endings located on the surface of the oral mucosa

Buccal Nerve Block

Anesthesia to the buccal soft tissues closest to the mandibular molars.


Time from injection to effective anesthesia.


A sharp hook that locks into the rubber stopper of the anesthetic cartridge, this makes aspiration possible.


The hollow canter of the injection needle.


Stage of anesthesia in which the patient is relaxed and conscious.

Nerve Block

Local anesthetic is deposited close to a main nerve trunk.


Temporary loss of feeling or sensation.

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