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  1. zoonosis
  2. mechanical transmission
  3. risk factor
  4. retrospective study
  5. chronic carrier
  1. a person with a latent infection who sheds the infectious agent
  2. b anything that increases the chance of disease or injury
  3. c study that begins with the identification of persons with the disease and a suitable comparison (control) group of persons without the disease, then compares the diseased and nondiseased with reguard to the frequency of exposure to study factor
  4. d a disease that can pass from animals to humans
  5. e indirect transmission by a vector in which the infectious agent does not undergo physiologic changes inside the vector

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  1. a person infected with a pathogenic microorganism but with no symptoms of the infection
  2. extreme harmfulness (as the capacity of a microorganism to cause disease)
  3. any inanimate object (as a towel or money or clothing or dishes or books or toys etc.) that can transmit infectious agents from one person to another
  4. the working together of two things (muscles or drugs for example) to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects
  5. Body coverings

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  1. incubation periodAn individual capable of transmitting an infectious agent to others during the incubation period of the disease.


  2. sibling speciesReproductivly isolated species that are so similar morphologically that they are difficult or impossivle to distinguish using morphological characters


  3. panzooticThe state where the disease is continuously present in a population of animals with no serious outbreaks


  4. droplet nucleiparticles of dried secretions from the mouth and nose that may float in the air for a considerable amount of time over long distances


  5. epizooticAnimal version of pandemic.


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