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  1. Jacques Cartier
  2. Treaty of Tordesillas
  3. Columbian Exchange
  4. Giovanni da Verrazzano
  5. New Netherland
  1. a 1494 treaty in which Spain and Portugal agreed to divide lands of the Western hemisphere between them and moved the Line of Demarcation to the west
  2. b French sailor who sailed up the St. Lawerence River to present-day Montreal
  3. c Italian sailor who sailed for the French with hopes of finding an all-water route to Asia
  4. d first permanent Dutch colony in North America
  5. e transfer of plants, animals and diseases between the Western and Eastern hemispheres

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  1. Italian sailor who explored what is now the Americas
  2. conquistador who brought the Aztecs to ruin
  3. Italian sailor who sailed for the English and is believed to have landed in Newfoundland, Canada
  4. settlement created by the Spanish church in order to convert Native Americans to Chrisitianity
  5. grant of Native American slave labor

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  1. haciendalarge farm or estate


  2. Henry Hudsonrunaway or fugitive slave


  3. mercantilismbelief that some people are inferior because of their race


  4. Samuel de Champlainfirst permanent Dutch colony in North America


  5. slave codespractice of one person being owned by another


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