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  1. false
  2. 1 all living things are composed of cells 2 Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things 3 New cells are produced from existing cells
  3. nucleus
  4. don't contain nuclei: generally smaller and simpler, genetic material isn't contained in a nucleus
  5. Bacilli (rods), cocci (spheres), spirilla (spirals)
  6. a network of protein filaments that help the cell mantain its shape and help it move

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  1. What is the primary function of the nucleus?It contains nearly all of the cell's DNA and the coded instructions for making proteins and other important molecules


  2. Which type of cell is rectangular and has chloroplasts?ER


  3. Which structure is involved in protein synthesis?ER


  4. eukaryotic cellsgenerally larger and more complex, contain nucleus


  5. Micorfilaments are the smallest strands that make up the:cytoskeleton


  6. Describe the basic structures of a virus.particles of nucleic acid, protein, and in some cases lipids, composed of a core of DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein coat


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