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  1. it modifies, sorts, and packages proteins and other materials from the ER for storage in the cell or secretion outside the cell
  2. cytoskeleton
  3. Microfilaments help the cells to move, tough and flexible framework Microtubules mantain cell shape, important in cell division
  4. 1 all living things are composed of cells 2 Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things 3 New cells are produced from existing cells
  5. golgi apparatus and ribosomes
  6. it is in nearly all eukaryotic cells including plants, organelles, that convert the chemical energy stored in food into compunds that are more convenient for the cell to use

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  1. Which structure is involved in protein synthesis?ER


  2. What major structure do animal cells have but bacteria don't?ER


  3. What is the primary function of the nucleus?It contains nearly all of the cell's DNA and the coded instructions for making proteins and other important molecules


  4. Which of the following are found in both plant and animal cells? A- Cell Wall B- Cell membrane C- Mitochondrion D- Endoplasmic reticulumB, C, and D


  5. Describe the basic structures of a is the site where lipid components of the cell membrane are assembled, along with proteins and other materials that are exported from the cell


  6. List the three shapes of bacteria common and Latin namesBacilli (rods), cocci (spheres), spirilla (spirals)


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