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  1. External Cartoid artery
  2. 8 Bones of the Cranium are
  3. Sternocleidomastoideus
  4. Nucleus
  5. Greater Auricular Nerve
  1. a Dense active protoplasm, found in the center of the cell, important part of reproduction & metabolism.
  2. b Located at the side of the neck, affects the ears, neck & parotid gland.
  3. c Supplies blood to the anterior, parts of the scalp, ear, face, neck & side of the head.
  4. d Muscles of the neck that loweres rotates the head
  5. e Occipital bones, 2 parietal bones, frontal bone, 2 temporal bone, ethmoid bone, sphenoid bone

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  1. Smaller than red blood cells, contribute to the blood clotting process which stops bleeding.
  2. Wrist, flexible joint composed of 8 small irregular bone held together by ligaments.
  3. Study of structures of the human body that can be seen with the naked eye & what they are made up of.
  4. Brain, spinal cord & nerves
  5. Chemicals that change certain kinds of food into a forum that can be used by the body.

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  1. Median NerveSmaller sensory moter nerve than the ulnar & radical nerves, its branches supplies the arm & hand.


  2. Occiipital arterySupplies blood to the skin & muscles of the scalp


  3. CatabolismOval bony case that protects the brain


  4. Internal Carotid ArterySupplies blood to the brain, eyes, eyelids, forhead, nnose & internal ear.


  5. Two parietal bonesForms the sides & crown of the cranium


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