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  1. Biceps
  2. Autonomic Nervous system
  3. Lymph Vascular System
  4. Lymph
  5. Neuron
  1. a Part of the nervous system that controls involuntary muscles
  2. b Acts as an aid to the blood system & consists of the lymph, lyphmatic, lymph nodes, & other structures,
  3. c Clear yellowish fluidthat circulates in the lymphatics of the body, carries waste & impurities away from the cells.
  4. d Muscle producing the contour of the front & inner side of the upper arm, they lift the forarm, flex the elbow & turn the palms outward.
  5. e Nerve cell is primary structural unit of the nervous system

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  1. Basic unit of all living things
  2. Collorbone
  3. Minor muscles of the chest that assist the swinging movements of the arm
  4. A closed fist
  5. Pulmonary circulation and Systemic or General circulation

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  1. Greater Auricular NerveLocated in the back of the head, affects the scalp as far up as the top of the head.


  2. Inferior labial arterySupplies blood to the lower lip, facial artery


  3. Posterior auricular NerveAffects the muscles behind the ear at the base of the skull.


  4. CapillariesMuscle extending alongside chin that pulls down the corner of the mouth.


  5. Superior labial arterySupplies blood to the chin & lower lip , facial artery


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