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  1. Procerus
  2. Red Blood cells
  3. Belly
  4. Sternocleidomastoideus
  5. What are the primary functions of the skeletal system
  1. a Give shape & support, protect various internal structures & organs, Attachments for muscles, help produce both white & red blood cells, store most of the bodys calcui, supply.
  2. b Muscles of the neck that loweres rotates the head
  3. c Middle part of the muscle, preesure directed from insertion to origin.
  4. d Red Corpuscles, produce in the red bone marrow.
  5. e Covers the brifge of the nose lowers the yebrows & causes wrinkles acorss the bridge of the nose.

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  1. Thin flat muscle of the chest between the upper & lower jaw that compresses the cheeks & expels air between the lips.
  2. Supports, protects & binds together other tissues of the body
  3. Large muscle that covers the entire back of the upper arm & extends the forarm.
  4. Group of specialized glands that affect the growth
  5. 14 bones

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  1. Nerves of the arm & Hand areDigital nerve, radical, median & ulnar.


  2. Levator anguli orisCaninus a muscle that raises the angle of the mouth t& draws it inward.


  3. Angular arterySupples the blood to the side of the nose, facial artery


  4. PhysiologyStudy of the functions & activities performed by the body structures.


  5. How many pints of blood is in the bodyBuccinator, depressor labii inferioris, levator anguli oris, levator labii superioris, Mentalis, Orbicularis oris, Risorius, triangularis, zygomaticus.


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