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  1. Cervical Nerve
  2. What is Protoplasm
  3. Metabolism
  4. Histology
  5. The circulatory system
  1. a Controls the steady circulation of the blood throught the body means of the heart & blood cells.
  2. b Affects the side of the neck & the platysma msucles.
  3. c Cells of living things composed of a substance
  4. d Study of the science of the minute structures of organic tissue.
  5. e Chemical process that takes place in living organisms

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  1. Controls, coordinates all other systems & Brain, spinal cord & nerves
  2. Complex iron protein that gives the blood its bright red color
  3. Important veins of the face, neck are parrallel to the arteries.
  4. Known as quadratus labii inferioris a muscle surounding the lower lip that depressers the lower lip & draws it to one side.
  5. Smaller than red blood cells, contribute to the blood clotting process which stops bleeding.

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  1. Pulmonary CirculationPart of the muscle at the more movable attachment to the skeleton


  2. Respiratory systemEnables breathing & consists of the lungs & air passages.


  3. Muscles of the eyeCorrugator muscle & Orbicularis Oculi


  4. NucleusMuscle producing the contour of the front & inner side of the upper arm, they lift the forarm, flex the elbow & turn the palms outward.


  5. What are the impotant organs of the bodyBrain, eyes, heart, kidney, lngs, liver, skin & stomach


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