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  1. Ulnar Nerve
  2. Bones of the Neck
  3. Nerves of the arm & Hand are
  4. Nerve Tissue
  5. Infratochlear Nerve
  1. a Carries messgages to & from the brain & controls coordinates all bodily function
  2. b Hyoid bone, U- shaped bone at the base of the tongue that supports the toungue & its muscles.
  3. c Digital nerve, radical, median & ulnar.
  4. d Sensor motor nerve that affects the little finger side of the arm & palm of the hand.
  5. e Affects the membrane & skin of the nose.

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  1. Muscle of the chest that assists in breathing & raising the arm.
  2. Muscle behind the ear that draws the ear backward
  3. Uppermost & largest bne of the arm extending from the elbow to the shoulder
  4. Supplies blood to the skin & muscles of the scalp
  5. Muscular wall that seperates the thorax from the abdominal region & helps control breathing.

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  1. Digital nerveSensory motor nerve that with its branches supplies the fingers.


  2. Cardiac MuscleInvoluntary muscle that makes up the heart, muscle not found in any other part of the body.


  3. Lymph nodesBones in the gingers 3 in each finer 2 in each thumb total 14 bones.


  4. Auricularis AnteriorMuscle in front of the ear that draws the ear forward


  5. Liquid TissueBlood & lymph carries food waster products & hormones though the body


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