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  1. Capillaries
  2. Nervouse system is divided into 3 main subdivisions?
  3. Systems
  4. Greater Occipital Nerve
  5. Muscles of the neck are
  1. a Minute think walled blood vessels that connect the smaller arteries to the vein. Bring nutrients to the cell & carry away waste materials
  2. b Platysma & Sternocleidomastoideu
  3. c Central nervous or cerebrospinal, peripheral nervous system, autonomic nervous system.
  4. d Located in the back of the head, affects the scalp as far up as the top of the head.
  5. e Groups of bodily organs acting together to perform one or more functions.

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  1. Colorless jellylike substance in which food elements such as proteins fats & carbohydrates, minerals salts & water.
  2. Blood & lymph carries food waster products & hormones though the body
  3. Biceps, deltoid, triceps
  4. Protective covering on body surfaces.
  5. Pulmonary circulation and Systemic or General circulation

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  1. ThoraxNutrituve fluid circulating through the circulatory system.


  2. Types of NervesSensory, efferent & reflex nerves


  3. Autonomic Nervous systemConnects the peripheral, parts of the body to the central nervous system. Sensory & motor nerves. Carry impulses or messages to & from the central nervous system.


  4. How many bones are in the human body206 that vary in size & shape


  5. RadiusSmaller bone in the forarm on the same side as the thumb


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