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  1. Internal Carotid Artery
  2. Skeletal system
  3. What does the shoulder consists of
  4. Muscular system
  5. Reproductive system
  1. a Physical foundation of the body
  2. b COvers hsapes & supports the skeleton tissue.
  3. c Performs the function of reproducing & perpetuating the human race
  4. d Clavicle & scapula
  5. e Supplies blood to the brain, eyes, eyelids, forhead, nnose & internal ear.

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  1. Muscle behind the ear that draws the ear backward
  2. Caninus a muscle that raises the angle of the mouth t& draws it inward.
  3. Connection between 2 or more bones of the skeleton.
  4. Muscle that draws the corner of the mouth out & back as in grinning
  5. 8 to 10 , blood is also 80 percent water, & 98.6 normal tempature.

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  1. PlatysmaSpecialized organs that remove certain elements from the blood to covert them into new compounds


  2. PlasmaCells reproduce by dividing into two identical cells , called daughter cells.


  3. HeartBodys pump, muscular cone shpaed organ that keeps the blood moving within the circulatory system.


  4. Auricularis AnteriorMuscle in front of the ear that draws the ear forward


  5. HemoglobinLarge triangular muscle covering the shouolder joint that allows the arm to extend outward & to the side of the body.


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