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  1. Superficial temporal artery
  2. Nucleus
  3. Masseter temporalis
  4. Pronators
  5. Ventricle
  1. a Dense active protoplasm, found in the center of the cell, important part of reproduction & metabolism.
  2. b Muscles that turn the hand inward so that palm faces downward.
  3. c Muscles coordinate in opening & closes the mouth & are sometimes referred to as chewing muscles
  4. d Left , lower thick walled chambers.
  5. e Continuation of the external cartoid artery & supples blood to the muscles of the front, side, & top of the head,

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  1. Gland like miscles in the lymphatic vessels, filterting process helps to fight infection.
  2. Bone, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, fascia & fat or dispose tissue.
  3. Controls, coordinates all other systems & Brain, spinal cord & nerves
  4. Supplies the scalp, the area behind & above the ear & the skin behind the ear
  5. Affects the skin of the lower eyelid, side of the nose, upper lip & mouth.

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  1. BuccinatorThin flat muscle of the chest between the upper & lower jaw that compresses the cheeks & expels air between the lips.


  2. Pulmonary CirculationBlood circulation from heart to lungs & back to heart


  3. Muscles of the shoulder & ArmProcerus & other nasal muscles that contract & expand the openings of the nostrils.


  4. During the Anabolism process the bodySupplies blood to the brain, eyes, eyelids, forhead, nnose & internal ear.


  5. Orbicularis OculiRing muscle of the eye socket closes the eyes


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