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  1. Zygomatic Nerve
  2. Muscular tissues can be stimulated by
  3. Muscles of the scalp are
  4. The 10 systems for the human body is
  5. During the Anabolism process the body
  1. a Massage, electrical, light rays, heat rays, moist heat, nerve impulses & chemicals.
  2. b Epicranius, Occipitalis, Fontalis, Aponeurosis
  3. c Circulatory, digestive, endocrine, excretory, integumentary, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory & skeletal.
  4. d Stores water, food, oxygen for the time when these substances will be needed for cell growth & repair.
  5. e Affects the muslces of the upper part of the cheek.

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  1. Auricularis superior, auricularis anterior, auricularis posterior.
  2. Extensor muscles of the wirst involved in bending the wrist.
  3. Bodys pump, muscular cone shpaed organ that keeps the blood moving within the circulatory system.
  4. Special cells known as neurons, which makeup the nerves, brain, & spinal cord.
  5. Affects the skin between the eyes & upper side of the nose.

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  1. Cervical veterbreaSmaller sensory moter nerve than the ulnar & radical nerves, its branches supplies the arm & hand.


  2. Pulmonary CirculationSensor motor nerve that affects the little finger side of the arm & palm of the hand.


  3. The main function of plasma isSmall muscles that obverlap from joint to joint, giving it strength & flexibility. Aging process these muscles lose mobility cause stiffness in joints.


  4. The circulatory systemCOvers hsapes & supports the skeleton tissue.


  5. HumerusUppermost & largest bne of the arm extending from the elbow to the shoulder


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