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  1. stiffening of the muscles after death
  2. Pig
  3. Hairy Maggot Fly House Fly
  4. Scene: collect the maximum of info with teh mini disturbance History: collected Medico-legal autopsy
  5. the disease process or injury responsible for initaiting the train of events which produces death
  1. a Death Investigation
  2. b Animal used in research
  3. c Rigor Mortis
  4. d Bloated
  5. e Cause of death

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  1. Advanced Decay

  2. Strateomyidae
  3. Coroner
  4. Algor Mortis
  5. Rate of temperature decrease in 24hr

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  1. rove beetles Arrive a few hours after a death Are active throughout decomposition process


  2. carrion beetles Buries small carcasses Adults feed on maggots and carrion


  3. using degree day models and life history informationPost Mortem Interval


  4. Rove's Beetle Carrion BeetlesActive Decay


  5. Dehydration or desiccation of tissuesMummification


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