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  1. elected by political offical, 2-4 years in office, no medical training
  2. solider flies Larvae feed on human excrement and remains Are found late in decomposition process
  3. Dehydration or desiccation of tissues
  4. Appointed by local or state offical; serves continously; medical degree
  5. 1.5 degree Celsius per hour
  1. a Coroner
  2. b
  3. c Mummification
  4. d Medical Examiner
  5. e Rate of temperature decrease in 24hr

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  1. Histeridae
  2. Putrefaction
  3. Fresh
  4. Spiracles
  5. Manner of death

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  1. stiffening of the muscles after deathDried Remarks


  2. carpet beetles Larvae and adults feed on dry skin and hairs


  3. Tissue breakdown the body's own internal chemicals and enzymesautolysis


  4. the physiological and biochemical derangement produced by the above causeMechanism of death


  5. the disease process or injury responsible for initaiting the train of events which produces deathCause of death


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