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  1. solider flies Larvae feed on human excrement and remains Are found late in decomposition process
  2. the physiological and biochemical derangement produced by the above cause
  3. blow flies Different species have different habitats - light vs. dark
  4. head, thorax, abdomen, six legs, and wings
  5. anterior posterior slits where larva breathe through
  1. a Parts of the adult fly
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d Mechanism of death
  5. e Spiracles

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  1. Forensic Entomologist
  2. ADH ATB
  3. Livor Mortis
  4. History Taken
  5. Putrefaction Decay

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  1. Flesh of creamy consistence with exposed parts black. Body collapse as gases escapes. Odor of decay very strong
    Black Putrefaction


  2. the fashion in which the cause of death came into beingForensic Entomologist


  3. stiffening of the muscles after deathDried Remarks


  4. Checkered Beetles Cheese FlyBloated


  5. PigAnimal used in research


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