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  1. Scene: collect the maximum of info with teh mini disturbance History: collected Medico-legal autopsy
  2. anterior posterior slits where larva breathe through
  3. Pinic Beetle Dermestid Beetle
  4. blow flies Different species have different habitats - light vs. dark
  5. Checkered Beetles Cheese Fly
  1. a Death Investigation
  2. b Dried Remarks
  3. c Advanced Decay
  4. d Spiracles
  5. e

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  1. Rigor Mortis
  2. Mummification
  3. Parts of the adult fly
  4. History Taken
  5. Phoridae

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  1. rove beetles Arrive a few hours after a death Are active throughout decomposition process


  2. elected by political offical, 2-4 years in office, no medical trainingCoroner


  3. The cadaver swollen by gas produces internally, accompanied by odor of decaying fleshDry Decay


  4. Cadaver drying out, some flesh remains at first and cheesy odor develops, neutral surface moldy from fermentationLivor Mortis


  5. carrion beetles Buries small carcasses Adults feed on maggots and carrion


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