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  1. Blowf Fly Screw Worm Fly
  2. Dehydration or desiccation of tissues
  3. Tissue breakdown the body's own internal chemicals and enzymes
  4. 1.5 degree Celsius per hour
  5. the fashion in which the cause of death came into being
  1. a Fresh
  2. b Mummification
  3. c autolysis
  4. d Rate of temperature decrease in 24hr
  5. e Manner of death

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  1. Influences rate of decomposition
  2. Death Investigation
  3. Phoridae
  4. Forensic Entomologist
  5. Dermestids

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  1. using degree day models and life history informationPost Mortem Interval


  2. anterior posterior slits where larva breathe throughDry Decay


  3. Cadaver almost dry, slow rate of decayDry Decay


  4. Hairy Maggot Fly House FlyAdvanced Decay


  5. elected by political offical, 2-4 years in office, no medical trainingMedical Examiner


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