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  1. Tissue breakdown the body's own internal chemicals and enzymes
  2. Rove's Beetle Carrion Beetles
  3. Checkered Beetles Cheese Fly
  4. social, medical-legal, and psychiatric
  5. Dehydration or desiccation of tissues
  1. a autolysis
  2. b Active Decay
  3. c Advanced Decay
  4. d History Taken
  5. e Mummification

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  1. Putrefaction Decay
  2. Livor Mortis
  3. Putrefaction
  4. Fresh
  5. Mechanism of death

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  1. humpback flies Larvae feed on decaying bodies Some species can burrow to a depth of 50cm over four days Important in buried bodies


  2. PigADH ATB


  3. Flesh of creamy consistence with exposed parts black. Body collapse as gases escapes. Odor of decay very strongForensic Entomologist


  4. flesh flies (sacrophadigdae)First Insect to Arrive


  5. hister beetles Found in bloated, decay, and early drying stages Both larvae and adults feed on maggots and pupariaHisteridae


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