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LA Final- Vocabulary Test

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  1. squalid
  2. conflagration
  3. quell
  4. brash
  5. animosity
  1. a (n) a strong dislike; bitter hostility
  2. b (n) a large destructive fire
  3. c (v) to subdue, put down forcibly
  4. d (adj) filthy, wretched, debased
  5. e (adj) prone to act in a hasty manner; imprudent

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. (adj) to be regretted or pitied
  2. (n) a commonplace, stale, or trite remark
  3. requiring much energy and vigor; difficult
  4. (adj) cheerful, lighthearted; casual, unconcerned
  5. (adj) fearful or anxious, especially about the future

5 True/False Questions

  1. contentious(adj) subject to whims or passing fancies


  2. clairvoyant(adj) supernaturally perceptivel (n) one who possesses extrasensory powers; seer


  3. capricious(adj) persistent, attentive, diligent


  4. chaos(adj) prone to act in a hasty manner; imprudent


  5. deride(v) to ridicule, laugh at with contempt


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