History Final 2012-People and Places

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Karl Marx

wrote the communist manifesto in 1848. Communism originated from him.


the prime minister who replaced King William I in the 1860s

Cecil Rhodes

an imperialist in Africa, he gained territory and his idea influenced the British policy in South Africa

Porfirio Diaz

ruled mexico from 1877-1911, he created a consecutive and centralized government

Pancho Villa

a Mexican revolutionary leader who raised the army.


helped the leader Pancho Villa


leader of the Bolsheviks in Russia. He was dedicated to the Russian revolution and supported the ideas of communism


started off as a small party that supported Karl Marx, went on to overthrow the Russian czar


Italian Fascist


Austrian fascist who became a German dictator. He led to Germans to be the top power in Europe, and invaded many European countries. Also headed the Holocaust.


Russian dictator that took over after Lenin died. He killed 20 million of his own people out of fear they might be plotting against him

Ottoman Turks

people of the ottoman empire that had been on the rise for 300 years. They conquered the Byzantine Empire, and expanded into Asia, Africa, and Europe


a city northeast of the Great Wall, home of the Manchus that conquered China


a Russian city named after Stalin

Deng Xiaoping

led the practical thinkers that took over after Mao Zedong died in September 1976 in China. This brought the Cultural Revolution to an end


a Russian leader of the communist party who based his teachings off of restructuring


India and Pakistan had a territorial dispute over this region

Meiji Japan

occurred after the fall of the shogun. This began the Meiji Restoration. The country became more modern and industrialized.

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