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  1. Gel like liquid in the cell that contains the things the cell needs to carry out its life process.
  2. Plants with out stems or leaves; nutrients are transported from cell to cell. ie: Moss and ferns.
  3. The second part of an organism's scientific name. A group of similar organism's that can mate and produce offspring. Often describes a charachteristic, such as color.
  4. The first part of an organism's scientific name. Identifies a group of closely related living things. ie: cats, dogs, etc.
  5. A protective layer outside of a PLANT cell membrane, which helps support and protect the cell.

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  1. Plant ClassificationThe means in which a plant makes new plants, typically via flower or cones and seeds.


  2. NucleusThe control center of the cell.


  3. Plant reproductionTwo ways: How they transport nutrients OR How they reproduce.


  4. Cell MembraneThe cells outer border.


  5. KingdomThe largest classification of how things are classified.


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