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  1. opposites
  2. coefficient
  3. absolute value
  4. constant terms
  5. integers
  1. a terms with no variable factors
  2. b any of the numbers
  3. c a number multiplied bya variable in a term
  4. d the distance between the origin and the point representing the real number
  5. e two points on the number line that are the same distance from zero but are on opposite sides

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  1. drawing the point on a number line that corresponds to a number
  2. the point that corresponds to a number
  3. the parts that are added in an expression. For, example 5-x, 5&x are the terms
  4. an expression is simplified if it has no symbols of grouping and if all of the like terms have been combined
  5. any of the numbers less than zero

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  1. entry of a matrixa rectangular arrangement of terms and numbers into horizontal and vertical rows


  2. reciprocalif a/b is a nonzero number, ten b/a is its reciprocal. The product of a number and its reciprocal is 1.


  3. real numbersthe set of numbers consisting of the negatives, positives, and zeros


  4. distributive propertyany number greater than zero


  5. real number linea line that pitures real numbers as points


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