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  1. reciprocal
  2. constant terms
  3. origin
  4. real numbers
  5. velocity
  1. a terms with no variable factors
  2. b sero
  3. c the set of numbers consisting of the negatives, positives, and zeros
  4. d the seppd and direction in which an object is traveling
  5. e if a/b is a nonzero number, ten b/a is its reciprocal. The product of a number and its reciprocal is 1.

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  1. the point that corresponds to a number
  2. a number multiplied bya variable in a term
  3. any of the numbers less than zero
  4. the product of a and (b+c)=ab+ac
  5. each number in the matrix

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  1. terms of an examplethe parts that are added in an expression. For, example 5-x, 5&x are the terms


  2. like termsany of the numbers


  3. counterexamplean example used to show that a given example is false


  4. positive numbersany of the numbers less than zero


  5. matrixsero


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