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  1. mouth
  2. littoral zone
  3. aquatic ecosystems
  4. corals
  1. a grouped based on abiotic factors such as water flow, distance from shore, salinity and latitude
  2. b where flowing water empties into a larger body of water
  3. c soft-bodied invertebrates that live in the stonelike structures
  4. d area of lakes/ponds closest to the shore

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  1. many species of fishes, octopuses and squids live in this zone
  2. nutrient poor lakes, often found in mountains
  3. material that is deposited by water, wind or glaciers
  4. deepest region of the ocean; water is very cold
  5. under water only during high tides

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  1. low-tide zoneundergoes severe disruption twice a day as tides cover & uncover the shoreline with water


  2. coral reefswidely distributed in warm shallow marine waters


  3. coral reefsdominant organism in coral reefs


  4. intertidal zonearea of lakes/ponds closest to the shore


  5. coral reef animalsform natural barriers along continents that protect shorelines from erosion


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