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  1. 2.5 percent of Earth's water
  2. intertidal zone
  3. spray zone
  4. low-tide zone
  1. a narrow band whre the ocean meets land
  2. b most populated area of the intertidal zone
  3. c area of intertidal zone that is dry most of the time
  4. d freshwater

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  1. widely distributed in warm shallow marine waters
  2. organisms that depend on light cannot live in this zone
  3. shallow enough that light can penetrate
  4. deepest areas of a large lake
  5. divided into vertical zones: low-tide zone, mid-tide zone, high-tide zone, spray zone

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  1. coralswidely distributed in warm shallow marine waters


  2. benthic zonemany species of fishes, octopuses and squids live in this zone


  3. aphotic zoneremains on constant darkness and generall y is cold, but has thermal layering with a mixing of warm and cold ocean currents


  4. zooxanthellaewidely distributed in warm shallow marine waters


  5. coralssoft-bodied invertebrates that live in the stonelike structures


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