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  1. high-tide zone
  2. photic zone
  3. profundal zone
  4. corals
  5. headwater
  1. a dominant organism in coral reefs
  2. b deepest areas of a large lake
  3. c water in rivers and streams flows in one direction, beginning at a source called
  4. d under water only during high tides
  5. e area to a depth of about 200M of the pelagic zone

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  1. an ecosystem that is formed where freshwater form a river or a stream merges with salt water from the ocean
  2. remains on constant darkness and generall y is cold, but has thermal layering with a mixing of warm and cold ocean currents
  3. free-floating photosynthetic autotrophs that live in freshwater or marine ecosystems
  4. organisms in this zone rely on food materials that drift down from the zones above
  5. material that is deposited by water, wind or glaciers

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  1. wetlandsareas of land such as marshes, swamps and bogs that are saturated with water and that suport aquatic plants


  2. zones in the open oceanpelagic zone, abyssal zone and benthic zone


  3. low-tide zoneundergoes severe disruption twice a day as tides cover & uncover the shoreline with water


  4. littoral zonearea of intertidal zone that is dry most of the time


  5. abyssal zoneorganisms that depend on light cannot live in this zone


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