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  1. abyssal zone
  2. mid-tide zone
  3. oligotrophich
  4. photic zone
  5. zones in the open ocean
  1. a organisms in this area must adapt to long periods of air and water
  2. b pelagic zone, abyssal zone and benthic zone
  3. c nutrient poor lakes, often found in mountains
  4. d part of pelagic zone
  5. e organisms in this zone rely on food materials that drift down from the zones above

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  1. part of pelagic zone
  2. On the seafloor along the boundaries of the Earth's plates, hydrothermal vents spew large amounts of hot water, hydrogen sulfide and other minerals in this zone
  3. widely distributed in warm shallow marine waters
  4. many species of fishes, octopuses and squids live in this zone
  5. form natural barriers along continents that protect shorelines from erosion

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  1. wetlandsareas of land such as marshes, swamps and bogs that are saturated with water and that suport aquatic plants


  2. coral reef animalsmicrooorganisms, sea slugs, octopuses, sea urchins, sea stars, and fishes


  3. eutropican ecosystem that is formed where freshwater form a river or a stream merges with salt water from the ocean


  4. zooxanthellaesymbiotic relationship coral polyps have with algae; algae provide corals with food & in turn, coral provides protection and access to light for he algae


  5. aquatic ecosystemsgrouped based on abiotic factors such as water flow, distance from shore, salinity and latitude


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