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  1. major freshwater ecosystems
  2. zones in the open ocean
  3. estuaries
  4. mid-tide zone
  5. wetlands
  1. a include ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands
  2. b organisms in this area must adapt to long periods of air and water
  3. c areas of land such as marshes, swamps and bogs that are saturated with water and that suport aquatic plants
  4. d an ecosystem that is formed where freshwater form a river or a stream merges with salt water from the ocean
  5. e pelagic zone, abyssal zone and benthic zone

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  1. area of intertidal zone that is dry most of the time
  2. On the seafloor along the boundaries of the Earth's plates, hydrothermal vents spew large amounts of hot water, hydrogen sulfide and other minerals in this zone
  3. only during high tides that this part of shoreline is sprayed with salt water and few plants & animals are able to live in this environment
  4. divided into 3 zones based on the amount of sunlight that penetrates that water
  5. area of lakes/ponds closest to the shore

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  1. sedimentmaterial that is deposited by water, wind or glaciers


  2. low-tide zonecovered wth water unless the tide is unusually ow


  3. intertidal zonearea of lakes/ponds closest to the shore


  4. photic zoneorganisms that depend on light cannot live in this zone


  5. aquatic ecosystemsremains on constant darkness and generall y is cold, but has thermal layering with a mixing of warm and cold ocean currents


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