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  1. ecosystem
  2. longitudinal analysis
  3. prey
  4. commensalism
  5. ecologists
  1. a organism that is pursued by another organism
  2. b scientists who study ecology
  3. c a relationship in which one organism benefits and the other organism is neither helped nor harmed
  4. d some observations and analyses must be made over long periods of time n a process called
  5. e a biological community and all of the abiotic factors that affect it

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  1. used by organic gardeners for insect control instead of insecticides
  2. the act of one organism consuming another organism for food
  3. occurs when more than one organism uses a resource at the same time
  4. temperature, air or water currents, sunlight, soil type, rainfall or available nutrients
  5. the close relationship that exists when two or more species live together

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  1. Montreal ProtocalAn agreement between the US and other countries to phase out the use of chemical compounds that destroy atmospheric ozone


  2. biomeliving factors in an organism's environment


  3. chlorophyllgreeen pigment found in green plants and algea


  4. Venus flytrapa plant that is a predator - has modified leaves that form small traps for insects and other small animals


  5. organismthe close relationship that exists between two or more organisms that live closely together and benefit from each other


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