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  1. Venus flytrap
  2. predation
  3. predator
  4. biotic
  5. habitat
  1. a an area where an organism lives; might be a single tree or or a grove of trees
  2. b the act of one organism consuming another organism for food
  3. c living factors in an organism's environment
  4. d a plant that is a predator - has modified leaves that form small traps for insects and other small animals
  5. e organism that pursues another organism

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  1. directed by Tom Goldtrooth, formed by native Americans to protect their tribal lands and communities from environmental damage
  2. some observations and analyses must be made over long periods of time n a process called
  3. biotic factors include all organisms that live in the water, such as other fish, algae, frogs, and microscpic organisms
  4. used by organic gardeners for insect control instead of insecticides
  5. lowest level of an organization; example a single fish

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  1. chlorophyllthe highest level of organization which is the layer of Earth that supports life


  2. commensualism relationshipclownfish receives food from and protection while sea anemones are not harmed (and do not benefit from the relationship)


  3. Yellowstone Parkthe highest level of organization which is the layer of Earth that supports life


  4. commensalisma relationship in which one organism benefits and the other organism is neither helped nor harmed


  5. populationindividual organisms or a single species that share the same geographic location at the same time make up a ...


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