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  1. occurs usually in term or post term infants after they aspirate fetal bowels in amniotic fluid
  2. is also known as hyaline membrane disease
    it is due to a lack of surfactant from immature lung development
  3. is when the diaphragm protrudes through the lung which usually results in emergency surgery
  4. is when the aorta rises from the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery rises from left ventricle
  5. is diagnosed by ruling out other disorders
  6. scarring of the lung tissue due to an inhaled particle

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  1. tetrology of fallotis made up of four cadiac defects


  2. pleural effusionexcessive fluid on the pleural space


  3. PDAAKA Type II Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    The neonate may have good APGAR scores at birth but deteriorates a few hours later


  4. RSVusually preceded by an infection or immunization,
    results in the immune system attacking the myelin sheath


  5. cystic fibrosissymptoms are: failure to grow,greasy stools,salty skin,chronic cough
    Due to an inherited defect in chromosome 7


  6. bronchopulmonary dysplasiascarring of the lung tissue due to an inhaled particle


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