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  1. usually preceded by an infection or immunization,
    results in the immune system attacking the myelin sheath
  2. from high pressures and high FiO2 from being ventilated for more than 7 days
  3. scarring of the lung tissue due to an inhaled particle
  4. signs are droopy eyelids,double vision,and muscle weakness that comes and goes
  5. a blood clot in the artery with in the lung
  6. is made up of four cadiac defects

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  1. pleural effusionexcessive fluid on the pleural space


  2. PDAsystolic murmur aka \" washing machine\" heard in upper left sternal border


  3. IRDSis also known as hyaline membrane disease
    it is due to a lack of surfactant from immature lung development


  4. meconium aspirationoccurs usually in term or post term infants after they aspirate fetal bowels in amniotic fluid


  5. DMDaffects mostly males at birth.
    known for degeneration of muscles with increasing severe weakness


  6. cystic fibrosisscarring of the lung tissue due to an inhaled particle


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