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Fungal classification

2 kingdoms Fungi and Stramenopila; Kingdom fungi also includes phyla Chytidiomycota, Zygomycota, Ascomycota(this one is important) and Basidiomycota


includes marine, fresh water and soil fungi; cell wall lacks cellulose. member of this group are responsible for plant diseases such as potato wart


phylum icludes memners tha can reproduce sexually o r asexullay; A bread molding fungus is a member of this phylum, Rhizopus stolinfer is an example grows on Dextros agar


phylum includes members that grow in a wide variety of very important. has a structure called the ascus, sacklike structure formed during sexual reproduction; Important member of this phylum are Aspergillus, Penicillium, Candida, Sacchromyces, Pneumoccystis, Neurospora


genus of Ascomycota; causes aspergillosisl inflammatory granumlomatus lesion in the skin, external ear, nasal cavity and lungs Aspergillus flavis produces aflatoxin(a mycotoxin found in animal feed and peanuts) which when ingested can produce liver damage;


genus of Ascomycota; member in this can causes candidiasis; an infection in the mouth, vagina, bronchi lesions


genus of Ascomycota; used to make beer wine, bioethanol in baking industry


genus of Acomycota;used in cheese industry and antibiotic production;


members of this phylum include rusts, smuts and mushrooms

Kingdom Stramenopila

includes phyla Oomycota, Hypochhytriomycota; Labyrinthulomycota


members of this phylum are known as water molds and are responsible for a variety of plant diseases, potato plight downey mildew in grapes

slime molds

classed as fungi, sometimes as protzoas; vegetative cells lack cell wall; like protozoans resemble amoebasl produce fruiting bodies and typical spores; some member of these phyla have vegetative structures of protoplasmic masses called plasmodia; Some produce colorful stalked fruiting bodies


heterotrophic unicellular organisms, many are motile and non-photosyntheticl found in many environments; play a role in decomposition of organic matter; can cause disease in man; most lack cell walls; have protective cell envelopes; structure has different names; shell, test pellicle; outer covering can consist of silica and calcium carbonate; posses membrane bound organelles in cytoplasm,; golgi complexes, mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum; ingest materials via pinocytosis and phagocytosis;

protozoan reproduction

asexual by binary fission; sexually via 4 different methods

protozoa classification

subkingdom in the kingdom protista 65,000 species

Phylum Sarcomastigophora

motile by flagella, pseudopodia or both single type of nucleus; sexual reproduction; members include Trypanosoma gambiense; Giardia lamblia; Trichomonas vaginalis;

Trypanosoma gambiense

causes african sleeping sickness, transmitted by tsetse fly

Giardia lamblia

instestinal parasite acquired through drinking water

trichomonas vaginalis

cause of trichomoniasis a gneital tract infection

Phylum Apicoplexa

members include genera that result in human disease; Plasmodium, malaria, Taxoplasma, congenital defects

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