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  1. Recumbent
  2. Grouse
  3. Atrophy
  4. Pusillanimous
  5. Pecuniary
  1. a a type of a game bird, a complaint, gripe, kvetch, bellyache
  2. b cowardly or mean spirited, craven, lily-livered
  3. c consisting of money or measured in money, monetary, financial
  4. d degeneration, deterioration, wither, decline
  5. e in a reclining position, prone, prostrate, supine, inactive

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  1. biting or cousting in thought, acrimonious, acidulous, sardonic, scathing
  2. to gather bit by bit, collect, cull, pick up
  3. to imprison, confine, jail, intern, immure
  4. humorous, jesting, waggish, facetious, droll, witty
  5. Disorder, confusion, disorganization, dishevel, mess up

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  1. Ludicrousridiculous, risible, preposturous, absurd, laughable


  2. Flotsamto gather bit by bit, collect, cull, pick up


  3. Bastiona fortified place, citadel, rampart, bulwark, parapet


  4. Exigencyurgency, pressure, requirement, crisis


  5. Consummatehumorous, jesting, waggish, facetious, droll, witty


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