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  1. Jocular
  2. Stratagem
  3. Nettle
  4. Ludicrous
  5. Glean
  1. a humorous, jesting, waggish, facetious, droll, witty
  2. b to gather bit by bit, collect, cull, pick up
  3. c a scheme to outwit or deceive, ruse, trick, ploy, subterfuge
  4. d ridiculous, risible, preposturous, absurd, laughable
  5. e to peeve, annoy, incense, gall, irk; a prockly or stinging plant

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  1. Disorder, confusion, disorganization, dishevel, mess up
  2. biting or cousting in thought, acrimonious, acidulous, sardonic, scathing
  3. degeneration, deterioration, wither, decline
  4. to imprison, confine, jail, intern, immure
  5. required, mandatory, obligatory, necessary, one who holds a specific office at the time spoken of

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  1. Exigencydegeneration, deterioration, wither, decline


  2. Concordhumorous, jesting, waggish, facetious, droll, witty


  3. Pusillanimouscowardly or mean spirited, craven, lily-livered


  4. Pecuniaryconsisting of money or measured in money, monetary, financial


  5. Recumbentin a reclining position, prone, prostrate, supine, inactive


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