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  1. i nostri
  2. la tua
  3. il mio
  4. il suo
  5. i loro
  1. a his/hers (masc. sing nouns)
  2. b my (masc. sing. nouns)
  3. c their (masc. plural nouns)
  4. d your (fem. sing. nouns)
  5. e our (masc. plural nouns)

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. my (fem. plural nouns)
  2. your (fem. plural nouns)
  3. always use an article
  4. y'all's (fem. sing. nouns)
  5. his/hers (fem. sing. nouns)

5 True/False Questions

  1. la miamy (fem. sing. nouns)


  2. le nostrey'all's (fem. plural nouns)


  3. il lorotheir (masc. plural nouns)


  4. il vostroy'all's (masc. sing. nouns)


  5. le sueyour (fem. plural nouns)


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