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  1. 1931
  2. Tenochtitlan
  3. 1533
  4. Bronze Age
  5. Guerrilla
  1. a Capital of the Aztec Empire, located on an island in Lake Texcoco. Its population was about 150,000 on the eve of Spanish conquest. Mexico City was constructed on its ruins.
  2. b Date: Pizarro Toppled the Incas (Hint: 1__3)
  3. c a period of human culture between the Stone Age and the Iron Age, characterized by the use of weapons and implements made of bronze
  4. d a member of a band of irregular soldiers that uses guerrilla warfare, harassing the enemy by surprise raids, sabotaging communication and supply lines, etc.
  5. e Date: Japanese invasion of Manchuria (Hint: 1__1)

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  1. a book composed by Brahman priests that contains verses and Sanskrit poetry
  2. Although rejected by biologists, this theory from the 1870s is often associated with Herbert Spencer and is said to have justified the competition of laissez-faire capitalism, the new racial superiority ideas, and imperialist policies.
  3. Date: Beginning of Trans-Saharan Trade Routes
    (Hint: ___ century CE)
  4. Date: Russo-Japanese War (Hint: 1__5)
  5. An attitude of kindness and benevolence or a sense of humanity for Confucianism.

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  1. IndiaThe kingdom in West Africa that prospered because of trans-Saharan trade especially in gold; this kingdom was around at the time of Muslim control in North Africa.


  2. Umayyad CaliphateFirst hereditary dynasty of Muslim caliphs (661 to 750). From their capital at Damascus, the Umayyads ruled one of the largest empires in history that extended from Spain to India. Overthrown by the Abbasid Caliphate.


  3. Middle PassageAlliance between Athens and many of its allied cities


  4. Vikingsone of a seafaring Scandinavian people who raided the coasts of northern and western Europe from the eighth through the tenth century.


  5. 2The minimum number times must you analyze the Point of View in documents within a DBQ essay?


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