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  1. obviates
  2. piety
  3. palliate
  4. mirth
  5. penitent
  1. a devotion and reverence to God (ant = irreverence)
  2. b gladness and merriment usually accompanied by laughter (ant = sadness)
  3. c makes unnecessary, prevents as a result of anticipating (ant = instigates, begins)
  4. d to ease pain, guilt or intensity (ant = to intensify)
  5. e showing or feeling regret for wrongdoing, repentant (ant = unrepentant)

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  1. sensational, gruesome and causing shock or horror
  2. not allowing the passage of light, not transparent; hard to understand (ant = transparent)
  3. very talkative (ant = taciturn)
  4. slow, sluggish, listless, weak (ant = animated)
  5. mournful and expressing sorrow (ant = joyful)

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  1. pettydevotion and reverence to God (ant = irreverence)


  2. palpablecapable of being shaped, influenced, or altered; tractable (ant = unpliable)


  3. malevolenceill will or evil intentions (ant = benevolence)


  4. pealsmall and insignificant (ant = significant, prodigious)


  5. magnatea person of power and influence (ant = pauper)


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