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  1. center of a natural trade route [located on the shallowest part of the Tiber River]
  2. the household/food +household goods
  3. farmers, merchants, artisans, traders, had few rights, could not hold public office
  4. demands/strikes
  5. senate and the people of rome
  1. a economic advantages?
  2. b SPQR means [in english]
  3. c plebeians description
  4. d the mother managed ______ and bought_______
  5. e plebeians eventually gained rights through a series of _______ and ______

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  1. only ______ were judges. [fill in blank]
  2. veto means?
  3. how long did the vestal virgins have to remain virgins?
  4. after the forum the plebeians started to become ______ and ______
  5. full citizenship

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  1. Laws of the twelve tables (forum)Legions were


  2. 15 miles inland to protect from sea invasions, the 7 hills of rome(built on the 7 low-lying hills)what are 2 physical advantages?


  3. Greek tutorswho taught the secondary schooling?


  4. "thing of the people"republic means?


  5. false. they were not paidevery male citizen who owned land was required by law to ________


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