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  1. center of a natural trade route [located on the shallowest part of the Tiber River]
  2. no individual would gain too much power
  3. people of nearby italian cities
  4. taught girls to manage households, reading, writing, arithmetic
  5. voters elect officials to run the state
  1. a what did the mother teach
  2. b they made a republic believing that....?
  3. c full citizenship
  4. d a republic is a form of gov where....?
  5. e economic advantages?

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  1. only ______ were judges. [fill in blank]
  2. what part of Italy did the romans control?
  3. what did the Greek's culture do to Italy?
  4. conquered people required to:
  5. secondary schooling was for [usually]

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  1. guardian of fire and hearthevery male citizen who owned land was required by law to ________


  2. consuls, praetors, censors3 types of elected officials who govern in the name of rome?


  3. truelegions had to supply their own weapons [true/false]


  4. vote on laws, elect officialsevery male citizen who owned land was required by law to ________


  5. keep customs, money, and local govromans allowed the conquered to:


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