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  1. influenced romans --> greek gods and myths
  2. took care of the temple of vesta
  3. false. age 7 was when they started
  4. ancestral spirits
  5. yes
  1. a vestal virgins
  2. b Lares
  3. c where boys and girls of all classes given the same basic education?
  4. d boys and girls finished school at age 7. [true/false]
  5. e what did the Greek's culture do to Italy?

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  1. Rights that the Plebians gained
  2. plebeians eventually gained rights through a series of _______ and ______
  3. a republic is a form of gov where....?
  4. Romans adopted the etruscan ideas of....?
  5. assembly citizens could....

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  1. loyal citizens, obedient to their elders, learn the laws of the twelve tablesChildren were trained to be


  2. a boothow long where the terms for consuls?


  3. 1 yearhow long where the terms for consuls?


  4. discriminationhow many consuls where there? and from what class where they from?


  5. truewhat did the vestal virgins wear?


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