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  1. family
  2. he would be sentenced to death
  3. republic
  4. centrally in the Mediterranean sea
  5. southern Italy and Sicily
  1. a Where is Italy located (body of water)
  2. b Rome established a ______ [type of gov]
  3. c what would happen to a man if he raped a vestal virgin?
  4. d _________ was most important unit of Roman society
  5. e where did the Greeks settle in Italy?

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  1. fathers controlled ______ and conducted _______
  2. they made a republic believing that....?
  3. romans allowed the conquered to:
  4. how did the Romans extend their power?
  5. what were the common people attempting to gain?

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  1. every 5 yearshow often did they register citizens?


  2. whitewhat did the vestal virgins wear?


  3. influenced romans --> greek gods and mythswhat did the Greek's culture do to Italy?


  4. Greek tutorsRome established a ______ [type of gov]


  5. they treated enemies with justicewhat did the popular assemblies do?


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