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  1. all important decisions
  2. true
  3. males from a family who could afford it
  4. family property/religious ceremonies
  5. loyal citizens, obedient to their elders, learn the laws of the twelve tables
  1. a secondary schooling was for [usually]
  2. b fathers controlled ______ and conducted _______
  3. c Children were trained to be
  4. d legions had to supply their own weapons [true/false]
  5. e by law, fathers made _________ in the family

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  1. what part of Italy did the romans control?
  2. Penates
  3. Allies description
  4. assembly citizens could....
  5. what would happen to a man if he raped a vestal virgin?

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  1. the nobilityjudges sided with....


  2. 2/patricianhow many consuls where there? and from what class where they from?


  3. written downat first Romans had laws but they weren't....


  4. right to join the army, hold public office, form own assembly, elect tribunes, banned debt slaverywhat are the 3 citizen groups?


  5. help consuls, command the armies, over see legal system, create lists of jurors and judgesChildren were trained to be


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