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  1. holding property, receiving inhertiance, run a business
  2. until age 30
  3. guardians of the storeroom
  4. wealthy/powerful
  5. 10 officials, or tribunes
  1. a who did the assemblies elect?
  2. b how long did the vestal virgins have to remain virgins?
  3. c Penates
  4. d after the forum the plebeians started to become ______ and ______
  5. e womens political rights included

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  1. plebeians description
  2. the mother managed ______ and bought_______
  3. how did the Romans extend their power?
  4. fathers controlled ______ and conducted _______
  5. what part of Italy did the romans control?

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  1. all important decisionshow many consuls where there? and from what class where they from?


  2. his occupation, and citizenship to sonswhat did the father teach


  3. Greek tutorsRome established a ______ [type of gov]


  4. demands/strikesthe belief that spirits inhabited everything is...


  5. took care of the temple of vestavestal virgins


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