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  1. true
  2. they represented the people
  3. Laws of the twelve tables (forum)
  4. keep customs, money, and local gov
  5. in Latium
  1. a the demands and the strikes of the Plebeians lead to the
  2. b what did the popular assemblies do?
  3. c elementary school was free. [True/false]
  4. d where did the Latins settle?
  5. e romans allowed the conquered to:

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  1. what did the mother teach
  2. Roman Republic included...
  3. judges sided with....
  4. who taught the secondary schooling?
  5. by law, fathers made _________ in the family

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  1. all non-citizens [called auxiliaries]the auxilia is made up of...


  2. every 5 yearshow long where the terms for consuls?


  3. until age 30how long did the vestal virgins have to remain virgins?


  4. truelegions had to supply their own weapons [true/false]


  5. trade/travellegions had to supply their own weapons [true/false]


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