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  1. false. they were not paid
  2. holding property, receiving inhertiance, run a business
  3. demands/strikes
  4. true
  5. consuls, praetors, censors
  1. a womens political rights included
  2. b plebeians eventually gained rights through a series of _______ and ______
  3. c to ensure the loyalty to rome they gave citizenship to their conquered people [true/false]
  4. d 3 types of elected officials who govern in the name of rome?
  5. e legions were paid [true/false]

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  1. What is Italy shaped like?
  2. every male citizen who owned land was required by law to ________
  3. a republic is a form of gov where....?
  4. romans allowed the conquered to:
  5. elementary school was free. [True/false]

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  1. animismthe belief that spirits inhabited everything is...


  2. ancestral spiritsLares


  3. powerful landowners, upper class, controlled government, inherited their powerpatricians description


  4. 2/patricianRome established a ______ [type of gov]


  5. took care of the temple of vestavestal virgins


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