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  1. all non-citizens [called auxiliaries]
  2. keep customs, money, and local gov
  3. written down
  4. patricians
  5. true
  1. a legions had to supply their own weapons [true/false]
  2. b only ______ were judges. [fill in blank]
  3. c at first Romans had laws but they weren't....
  4. d romans allowed the conquered to:
  5. e the auxilia is made up of...

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  1. SPQR means [in english]
  2. economic advantages?
  3. partial citizenship
  4. plebeians suffered _________
  5. to ensure the loyalty to rome they gave citizenship to their conquered people [true/false]

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  1. family property/religious ceremoniesfathers controlled ______ and conducted _______


  2. in Latiumveto means?


  3. guardian of fire and hearthVesta


  4. the nobilitywhat were the common people attempting to gain?


  5. Greek tutorswho taught the secondary schooling?


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