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  1. 15 miles inland to protect from sea invasions, the 7 hills of rome(built on the 7 low-lying hills)
  2. senate and the people of rome
  3. Romulus
  4. false. they were not paid
  5. true
  1. a Rome is named after...?
  2. b SPQR means [in english]
  3. c legions had to supply their own weapons [true/false]
  4. d what are 2 physical advantages?
  5. e legions were paid [true/false]

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  1. patricians description
  2. what did the mother teach
  3. what did the vestal virgins wear?
  4. Why were romans good at ruling other people?
  5. the alps were a ________ because it ________. [fill in blanks]

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  1. family_________ was most important unit of Roman society


  2. no individual would gain too much powerthey made a republic believing that....?


  3. a bootWhat is Italy shaped like?


  4. 1 yearhow long where the terms for consuls?


  5. registered citizens according to wealth in order to collect taxesthe alps were a ________ because it ________. [fill in blanks]


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