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  1. When entering the lane of an oncoming vehicle in order to pass, you will need at least how many feet to pass safely?
  2. What kind of turn should be made in front of a light-rail vehicle?
  3. What is the consequence for failure to appear in court (FTA) or failure to pay fees or fines (FTP)?
  4. Failure to stop at a railroad crossing when required to do so can result in a _____ month license suspension.
  5. To see your blind spots, you must ____.
  1. a No turn.
  2. b 6
  3. c 1600
  4. d Turn your head.
  5. e License suspension

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  1. Apply the breaks before shifting into neutral
  2. No, slow down and prepare to stop only if necessary.
  3. 25 mph
  4. Vehicle travels slowly
  5. 1 year

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  1. Provisional licensees would have their license suspended for 6 months and probation for 1 year after receiving _______ points in 12 months.3


  2. _______ drink(s) within a 4 hour time span, regardless of height and weight, can get you a BAC of .01% .1


  3. You must notify law enforcement and write a report when ______.There is a collision and injury/death.


  4. Gravity __________ your kinetic energy when you are driving uphill and __________it when you are driving downhill.Any two right lanes.


  5. You approach a sharp curve. What should you do?No, slow down and prepare to stop only if necessary.


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