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  1. Which three gauges or indicators are the most important to be aware of?
  2. Unless posted otherwise, what is the speed limit when passing a school building or school grounds when children are present?
  3. You should allow a ____ second or more following distance when you are driving behind a motorcyclist.
  4. Drivers under 18 are ____ times more likely to have a fatal accident than the average driver.
  5. In order to keep a vehicle in a turn without allowing centrifugal force to pull the car out, what should you not do?
  1. a Accelerate while turning
  2. b Coolant temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, and battery voltage gauge
  3. c 25 mph
  4. d 2.5
  5. e 4

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  1. 2
  2. Stop.
  3. No more than 15 mph
  4. 100
  5. Apply the breaks before shifting into neutral

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  1. You must notify law enforcement and write a report when ______.There is a collision and injury/death.


  2. Within the first twelve months, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, a licensed driver 25 years of age or older, or a licensed or certified driving instructor, provisional licensees cannot transport passengers under age _____.20


  3. What are the consequences of not stopping if you are involved in an accident?A fine of up to $10,000 and a minimum of one year jail time.


  4. In an uncontrolled intersection, should you stop?No, slow down and prepare to stop only if necessary.


  5. To see your blind spots, you must ____.No, slow down and prepare to stop only if necessary.


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