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  1. _______ drink(s) within a 4 hour time span, regardless of height and weight, can get you a BAC of .01% .
  2. What is the consequence for failure to appear in court (FTA) or failure to pay fees or fines (FTP)?
  3. Failure to stop at a railroad crossing when required to do so can result in a _____ month license suspension.
  4. When turning, you should signal during the last _________ feet before the turn.
  5. It is against the law to follow within _____ feet of any emergency vehicle which is answering an emergency call.
  1. a 1
  2. b 100
  3. c 300
  4. d License suspension
  5. e 6

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  1. 200
  2. Receiving 2 points within 6 months
  3. 400
  4. 0.08%
  5. 10

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  1. When driving in the far right lane, what should you expect?Merging vehicles.


  2. If you can not see clearly 100 ft in both directions when approaching an uncontrolled intersection, what should your rate of speed be?No more than 15 mph


  3. A flashing red light at an intersection means:No, slow down and prepare to stop only if necessary.


  4. Within how many days should you notify the DMV of an address change?10


  5. You must notify law enforcement and write a report when ______.There is a collision and injury/death.


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