CA 1 Word Lesson 4 & 6A

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Word offers many different ways to make your text standout--

Bold, Underline, Italics, Shadow, Emboss, Superscript and Subscript, and more


reducing or enlarging a graphic


is a type design applied to an entire set of characters, including all letters, numerals, punctuation marks and other keyboard symbols. Such as Arial, Times New Roman, etc.

Font size--

is the size of the letters or text. It is measured in points.


Font size is measured in points. There are 72 points in an inch.

Font style—

changing the looks of a font such as Regular, bold, italic, and underline.

Font effects--

All caps, superscript, and outline are some of the font effects found in the Font Dialog Box.

Character Spacing--

The spacing between the text or letters is called character spacing.


When you choose expanded FOR SALE would look like this F O R S A L E.


When you choose condensed FOR SALE would look like this FOR SALE.

Format Painter --

One quick and easy way to repeat character formatting is by using _____.

You should double click the Format Painter if you plan to copy the formatting to multiple locations.


Use the highlight to ___

emphasize text when working only on the screen. This does not print out.


is a predefined set of formatting options that have been named and saved. For example, a Heading could be Times New Roman, Bold, Italic and 14 pt

Quick Styles—

Word comes with many built-in Quick Styles


a theme is a coordinated set of fonts, styles, and colors

Use the Clear Formatting command to --

clear manual formatting and styles


are pictures that help illustrate the meaning of text and make the page more attractive


Libraries of artwork of common objects that comes with Office are clip art. They are already drawn or photographed and available for use in do


used to key text in an orderly form.


A border is a line or box that can be added to text or paragraphs.

Box borders--

A box border is a line that goes all around text or paragraphs.

Page borders--

A page border is a line or design that goes around the edge of the paper.

Horizontal line—

you can add a line above or under text or paragraphs by using a bottom or top border. They are used to separate and emphasize a section.


Shading adds a colored background to textbox. You can do this by formatting the text box to have a fill color.


Scaling a graphic will change the size of it to a percentage of its original size.

Selection rectangles--

A box around the entire graphic that is used to shrink or enlarge it is selection rectangle

Sizing Handles--

A small square on the edge of a selection rectangle that is used move the sides as you are shrinking and enlarging rectangles are sizing handle.


wraps the font around the graphic. In line with text, Square, Tight, Behind Text, In Front of Text


use this to hide parts of a graphic

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