CA 1 Email Unit

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Snail mail—

sending mail through the US Post Office and not email


(BTW, FYI, JK) a word format for the first letters of a phrase. FYI means for your information.

Attachment -

a separate file that you include with your e-mail—a Word document, spreadsheet, picture, etc.

E-mail -

electronic form of communication

Emoticons or Smileys—

 , little symbols used with emails.


unwanted emails similar to junk mail.


using capital letters in an e-mail.

Emoticons or Smilies—

text used to make the illusion o different faces on the screen, such as ,, etc.


information commonly added at the bottom of an e-mail containing information about the person or company such as logos, quotes or the like.

Reply -

option used to respond to a sender's e-mail.

Send -

the last step in creating an e-mail correspondence

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