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  1. Amos
  2. Hezekiah
  3. Jeroboam
  4. Nevi'im
  5. Eli
  1. a was a shepherd from Tekoa, a town in Judea between Bethlehem and Hebron. In describing his calling, he said, "I am no prophet, nor a prophet's son; but I am a herdsman, and a dresser of sycamore trees"minor prophets
  2. b the son of Nebat "an Ephrathite" (1 Kings 11:26-39), was the first king of the break-away ten tribes or Kingdom of Israel, over whom he reigned twenty-two years.
  3. c is the second of the three major sections in the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh. It falls between the Torah (teachings) and Ketuvim (writings
  4. d king of the Kingdom of Judah, not counting queen Athaliah's reign
  5. e according to the Books of Samuel, the name of a priest of Shiloh, and one of the last Israelite Judges before the rule of kings in ancient Israel.abruptly appears when Hannah, who is childless, prays to God for a child.

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  1. is best known to students of the Bible for his defeat of the southern kingdom of Judah,
  2. a prophet of the Hebrew bible,was the son of Shaphat of Abel-meholah; he became the attendant and disciple of Elijah
  3. Jehoash took _________ prisoner, entered Jerusalem, and sacked the Temple. _______ was assassinated at Lachish, and his son Uzziah succeeded him. 2 Priest of Bethel, Amos's enemy.
  4. The word ____ is used repeatedly in all the standard works of the Church, and is defined in latter-day revelation as "the pure in heart
  5. is only referred to incidentally in Saul's history (1 Samuel 17:55, 26:5)[1], and is not mentioned in the account of the disastrous battle of Gilboa when Saul's power was crushed

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  1. Uriahwarns the people of Israel to turn back to YHWH.


  2. Rehoboamwas king of Judah, succeeding his father Solomon. His mother was Naamah "the Ammonitess." Albright has dated his reign to 922 - 915 BC


  3. The sons of EliHophni and Phinehas, meanwhile, were behaving wickedly, for example by taking for themselves all the prime cuts of meat from sacrifices, and by having sex with the women who served at the sanctuary entrance.


  4. Pharaoh nechois a city located near the Jordan River in the West Bank of the Palestinian Territory. Known in Judeo-Christian tradition as the place of the Israelites' return from bondage in Egypt, led by Joshua, the successor to Moses.


  5. hebronbest remembered for the rape of his half-sister Tamar, daughter of David and Maachah.Jewish law forbids sexual relations between half-brothers and sisters


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