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  1. Bathsheba
  2. Shiloh
  3. Uriah
  4. Gilgal
  5. Samuel
  1. a was seen by King David as she bathed, and subsequently became pregnant to him. Her husband Uriah was murdered by David, and she then married the King. Her baby died. She had a second son, who was called Solomon.
  2. b viewed by rabbinical literature, is that he was the last of the Hebrew Judges and the first of the Major Prophets who began to prophesy inside the Land of Israel also anointed the first two kings of the Kingdom of Israel: King Saul and King David.
  3. c was a Canaanite city mentioned in the Amarna letters, and later became an Israelite city in the tribe of Manasseh. It was the first capital of the Kingdom of Israel.
  4. d is when the Book of Joshua states that the Israelites first encamped there after having crossed the Jordan River. In the narrative, after setting up camp, Joshua orders the Israelites to take twelve stones from the river, one for each tribe, and place them there in memory.
  5. e was the husband of Bathsheba, whom David had murdered by putting him in the front of a battle, so that David could have _______ wife

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  1. is only referred to incidentally in Saul's history (1 Samuel 17:55, 26:5)[1], and is not mentioned in the account of the disastrous battle of Gilboa when Saul's power was crushed
  2. warns the people of Israel to turn back to YHWH.
  3. originally a canaanite royal city, before it became one of the principle centers of the tribe of judah
  4. was the owner of a portion of ground on the eastern slope of the hill of Jezreel.[1] Described as a small "plat of ground", the vineyard seems to have been all he possessed and lay close to the palace of Ahab,[2] who wished to acquire to "have it for a garden of herbs" (probably as a ceremonial garden for Baal worship
  5. a prophet of the Hebrew bible,was the son of Shaphat of Abel-meholah; he became the attendant and disciple of Elijah

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  1. Jeroboamthe son of Nebat "an Ephrathite" (1 Kings 11:26-39), was the first king of the break-away ten tribes or Kingdom of Israel, over whom he reigned twenty-two years.


  2. Hazorwas twice the daughter-in-law of Judah, as well as the mother of two of his children - the twins Zerah and Pharez was also raped by hr brother


  3. Latter Prophetsa day of final judgment


  4. saulfirst king of israel, anointed by prophet samuel, committed suicideduring battel with philistines


  5. Omrireigned 876-869 or c. 884-c. 872 BC), king of Israel, the father of Ahab.


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