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  1. Police-community relations (PCR) as a police practice recognizes that the police derive their legitimacy from the __________ they serve.
  2. The state of _____________ was the first to centralize its state police force.
  3. A centralized law enforcement agency combines ________ investigations with patrol of state highways.
  4. _______ is the acronym that describes Chicago's comprehensive community-based policing program.
  5. The _______ is the local law enforcement official responsible for serving court papers, maintaining security within courtrooms, and running the county jail.
  1. a pennsylvania
  2. b Sheriff
  3. c CAPS
  4. d community
  5. e criminal

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  1. wilson
  2. 1969
  3. Strategic
  4. values
  5. 1908

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  1. _________ patrol is a strategy designed to increase the productivity of patrol officers through the application of scientific analysis and evaluation of patrol techniques.Strategic


  2. ______________ policing is best characterized by providing service to citizens.political


  3. ______________ policing is a policing strategy that reorganizes conventional patrol strategies into integrated and versatile police teams assigned to a fixed


  4. The F.B.I. operates one of the largest _____ labs in the world.1908


  5. ___ ____ is the nation's largest law enforcement agency, with about 38,000 sworn officers.Community


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