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  1. If state troopers were instructed to write a ticket for any motorist going 1 mph over the speed limit, one could argue that this department was operating under ________ style of policing.
  2. The _______ is the local law enforcement official responsible for serving court papers, maintaining security within courtrooms, and running the county jail.
  3. The Law Enforcement Assistance Administration was established in the year ____.
  4. The ___________ policing style was in use when the Rodney King beating occurred in Los Angeles.
  5. A centralized law enforcement agency combines ________ investigations with patrol of state highways.
  1. a Sheriff
  2. b criminal
  3. c 1969
  4. d legalistic
  5. e watchman

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  1. team
  2. 1908
  3. 64%
  4. new york
  5. Community

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  1. ___________ policing is a police strategy that emphasizes an increased capacity to deal with crimes that are not well controlled by traditional


  2. James Q. ______ is most closely associated with the concept of "policing styles."wilson


  3. The __________ era of American policing was characterized by the police serving the interests of politicians.Community


  4. The F.B.I. operates one of the largest _____ labs in the world.crime


  5. A neighborhood resource officer asks residents to clean up litter, remove graffiti, and install better lighting in a nearby park that is known for extensive drug dealing. Such a request is characteristic of _________ type of policing.1908


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