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  1. surmise
  2. plaintive
  3. cavort
  4. disbelief
  5. imbue
  1. a to leap about in a sprightly manner; romp
  2. b to make an educated guess
  3. c To saturate or permeate as if with a dye or stain.
  4. d To refuse to believe in
  5. e expressive of sorrow or woe, melancholy

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  1. fluent and effective language
  2. to enroll as a member of a college or university
  3. provide a service or favor for someone
  4. to imagine or bring into being as if by magic
  5. lacking energy or liveliness

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  1. succulenta strong inclination toward something, a liking


  2. warymanner of walking


  3. rambleto roam, wander aimlessly


  4. chagrinstrong feelings of embarrassment


  5. ambiguousunclear; having more than one possible interpretation


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