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  1. nonchalantly
  2. saunter
  3. legible
  4. wary
  5. arboretum
  1. a mistrustful, on guard;cautious
  2. b with an air of unconcerned, indifferently
  3. c place where different trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited
  4. d a leisurely walk or stroll (usually in some public place),
  5. e capable of being read

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  1. to Examine Carefully
  2. not speaking freely; reserved
  3. entrance
  4. to conclude, find the solution
  5. to disconnect, become free, disassociate

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  1. suavesmoothly agreeable or polite


  2. disperseto break up, to scatter, spread far and wide


  3. rambleto roam, wander aimlessly


  4. kudosfame, glory, or honor


  5. conciliatoryfriendly, agreeable


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