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  1. chagrin
  2. panorama
  3. sonorous
  4. broach
  5. accede
  1. a to express approval, to agree to
  2. b strong feelings of embarrassment
  3. c to mention or suggest for the first time
  4. d producing a deep or full sound
  5. e a wide, unobstructed view of an area

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  1. to lie or deviate from the truth
  2. wordy, to many words
  3. to clarify, explain
  4. capable of being read
  5. with an air of unconcerned, indifferently

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  1. disbeliefTo refuse to believe in


  2. artifacthistorical relic, a man-made object


  3. elaboratethink about carefully


  4. florareluctant, unwilling


  5. fallowleft unplowed during a growing season, unused


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