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  1. arboreal
  2. saunter
  3. eloquence
  4. cast
  5. nonchalantly
  1. a fluent and effective language
  2. b to fling, throw forcefully
  3. c with an air of unconcerned, indifferently
  4. d a leisurely walk or stroll (usually in some public place),
  5. e relating to trees

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  1. erratic, unrestrained, reckless
  2. to imagine or bring into being as if by magic
  3. a wide, unobstructed view of an area
  4. Governed by conscience; careful and thorough
  5. fastened or fixed firmly; engrossed

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  1. imbueTo saturate or permeate as if with a dye or stain.


  2. elucidatenext to last


  3. succulentjuicy; full of vitality or freshness


  4. corrugateto mold in a shape with parallel grooves and ridges


  5. waryto fling, throw forcefully


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