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  1. dexterous
  2. interminable
  3. corrugate
  4. morbid
  5. serpentine
  1. a winding, twisting snakelike in shape or movement
  2. b gruesome, horrible, relating to disease
  3. c to mold in a shape with parallel grooves and ridges
  4. d skillful in physical movements
  5. e seemingly endless

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  1. group
  2. paleness, a lack of color
  3. conversation, discussion
  4. to imagine or bring into being as if by magic
  5. small particle, speck

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  1. ineptto fling, throw forcefully


  2. ambiguousunclear; having more than one possible interpretation


  3. dubiousquestionable


  4. kudossmoothly agreeable or polite


  5. torsionbruise


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