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  1. endurance
  2. legible
  3. prattle
  4. peruse
  5. tonal
  1. a meaningless sounds, babble
  2. b the power to withstand hardship or stress
  3. c relating to pitch or sound
  4. d to Examine Carefully
  5. e capable of being read

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  1. humorously sarcastic or mocking
  2. Governed by conscience; careful and thorough
  3. secretly
  4. to treat with disrespect
  5. to break up, to scatter, spread far and wide

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  1. moteto roam, wander aimlessly


  2. surmiseto make an educated guess


  3. arboretumplace where different trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited


  4. dexterousquestionable


  5. ironicto mention or suggest for the first time


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