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  1. tempered
  2. saunter
  3. ambiguous
  4. contusion
  5. flora
  1. a bruise
  2. b moderated, restrained
  3. c unclear; having more than one possible interpretation
  4. d a leisurely walk or stroll (usually in some public place),
  5. e plants of a region

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  1. small particle, speck
  2. seemingly endless
  3. to leap about in a sprightly manner; romp
  4. conversation, discussion
  5. winding, twisting snakelike in shape or movement

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  1. lineageancestry, the descendants of one individual


  2. gaitmistrustful, on guard;cautious


  3. equestriana social outcast


  4. conjureto imagine or bring into being as if by magic


  5. legiblecapable of being read


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