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  1. Fine Silver
  2. Coin
  3. Gresham's Law
  4. Double Digit Inflation
  5. Token
  1. a A disk of base metal which can be used as a substitute for a coin
  2. b The purity of a precious metal
  3. c Bad money drives good money out of circulation. People hoard good money and trade with legally overvalued money.
  4. d Prices increases rising at 10 to 99 percent per year due to inflation
  5. e A wafer or disk of precious metal

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  1. The desire to hold money rather than trade it.
  2. Today, it is paper money. Originally, it was an IOU from a bank
  3. A coin made of different metals.
  4. The mint-mark of a coin which tells who made the coin
  5. A decrease in the ammount of money.

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  1. InflationA decrease in the ammount of money.


  2. DebasingThe notches on the edge of a coin


  3. Welfare ProgramA non-precious metal like copper or nickel


  4. CounterfeitingTo make something that is fake or phonylly overvalued money.


  5. Law of EconomicsA wafer or disk of precious metal


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