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  1. Fiat Money
  2. Debasing
  3. Money
  4. Demand for Money
  5. Subsidy
  1. a Legal tender money
  2. b The most easily traded thing in a society
  3. c The desire to hold money rather than trade it.
  4. d Reducing the value of a coin by reducing the amount of precious metal in it.
  5. e A government program tax money away, usually to rich people or large companies

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  1. A disk of base metal which can be used as a substitute for a coin
  2. A non-precious metal like copper or nickel
  3. A decrease in the ammount of money.
  4. A coin made of different metals.
  5. An unchanging fact of life which deals with production and distribution of wealth.

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  1. Fine SilverThe purity of a precious metal


  2. Legal Tender LawLegal tender money


  3. VelocityA wafer or disk of precious metal


  4. DepressionThe beginning of a depression that never went all the way.


  5. HallmarkThe mint-mark of a coin which tells who made the coin


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