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  1. T OR F: A graft from a monkey to a human is an example of an allograft.
  2. Which of the following is an effect of complement activation?
  3. The process by which phagocytes exit capillaries and enter injured tissue is called _____.
  4. Which major class of lymphocytes become cytotoxic T cells?
  5. Monoclonal antibodies are used for the diagnosis of all of the following except ________.
  2. b diapedesis
  3. c opsonization
  4. d FALSE
  5. e CD8

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  1. Interferon
  2. xenograft
  3. A primary response results when naïve lymphocytes are activated, while a secondary response is a result of activating memory cells.
  4. Complement fixation is the main mechanism by which antibodies provide protection.
  5. FALSE

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  1. Which of the following is associated with passive immunity?The diverse set of molecules and immune cells that are found in lymphoid tissue and fluids throughout the body.


  2. T OR F: MHC I proteins (major histocompatibility class I proteins) are found on most cells of the body.TRUE


  3. Natural killer (NK) cells ________.include allergic contact dermatitis


  4. T OR F: The directional movement of cells in response to chemicals is called chemotaxis.FALSE


  5. _______ are lymphocytes that coordinate cellular and humoral immune responses.antigens


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