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  1. Which of the following is the correct sequence of events in phagocytosis?
  2. T OR F: Adaptive immunity is provided only by lymphocytes that secrete antibodies.
  3. T OR F: A transfusion reaction is a subacute hypersensitivity to foreign red blood cells.
  4. Which of the following types of cells display protein fragments produced by the cancer within them?
  5. Which of the following is characteristic of complete antigens?
  1. a FALSE
  2. b Reactivity with an antibody
  3. c all nucleated cells
  4. d TRUE
  5. e chemotaxis, adherence, ingestion, digestion, killing

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  1. A primary response results when naïve lymphocytes are activated, while a secondary response is a result of activating memory cells.
  2. Antibodies immobilize antigens and mark them for destruction.
  3. passage of IgG antibodies from a pregnant mother to her fetus
  4. hybridoma
  5. antigen-presenting cells

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  1. ______ become antigenic if they attach themselves to larger proteins.TRUE


  2. B cells respond to the initial antigen challenge by ________.using a xenograft


  3. ________ is the most common type of immediate hypersensitivity.IgG


  4. Your hand has a scratch. What signals would indicate that the injury is inflammed?leukotrienes;


  5. T OR F: It is our genes, not antigens, that determine what specific foreign substances our immune system will be able to recognize and resist.FALSE


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