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  1. phospholipid
  2. disaccharide
  3. enzyme
  4. sucrose
  5. function of carbohydrates
  1. a protein that speed up chemical reaction
  2. b a sugar formed from two monosaccharides
  3. c glucose + fructose
  4. d energy source, stucture
  5. e type of macromolecule that makes up the cell membrane

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  1. DNA, RNA
  2. "bad" fats - artery clogging
  3. enzymes, hemoglobin, keratin
  4. sugars, starches, glycogen
  5. 3rd source of energy, helps builds and repairs muscle tissue, makes hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and pigments

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  1. protein subunitglycerol with fatty acid


  2. what names of sugars end with-ase


  3. starcha polysaccharide that stores glucose in plants


  4. macromoleculemade in living systems from smaller building blocks covalently bonded; four classes: proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and lipids


  5. celluloseglucose + fructose


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