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ASVAB Practice Test 1

An induction clutch works by:


If a first class lever with a resistance arm measuring 2 feet and an effort arm measuring 8 feet are being used, what's the mechanical advantage?


Air weighs about 15 psi. What's the amount of pressure (force) exerted on the top of your head, given a surface area of 24 inches?

360 pounds

The force produced when a boxer's hand hits a heavy bag and "bounces" off it is called:


A cubic foot of water weighs about 62.5 pounds. If an aquarium is 18 feet long, 10 feet deep, and 12 feet wide, what's the approximate pounds-per-square-inch pressure (psi) on the bottom of the tank?

4 psi

Springs used in machines are usually made of:


A clutch is a type of:


A single block-and-fall is called a:


A way to determine the amount of power being used is to:

Divide the amount of work done by the amount of time it takes.

A wood tool, a silver tool, and a steel tool are placed in boiling water for cleaning. Which tool gets the hottest?


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