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serial bus architecture

subsystem to transfer data between various components inside computer

serial port

used to connect a peripheral device to the serial bus ,9 pins

Your computer's speed is affected by its microprocessor's


The power supply switches AC from the wall outlet to lower voltages in the form of DC


flash drives plug into

USB ports

The first commercially available mouse was sold with the Apple Macintosh in

1984 with first MAC

the most prevalent type of monitor today?


What makes a digital device "peripheral"?

a. It is not built into the computer.

Multicore processors work by

a CPU chip with >one processing unit(core)
dual core =2 cores
quad core =4 storing frequently used data in cache memory

Macintosh computers

manufactures by Apple,uses software written by Apple,BUT can run Windows OS

wireless adapter

alow internet connection
today's standard is to include a port for connection

processor speed is measured in


a network OS must support both the network servers and the client computers


the scheduling and prioritizing of tasks for the computer processor is coordinated by the software running at the time



the scheduling and prioritizing of tasks for the computer processor is coordinated by

PC cards

are used in LAPTOPS

Multcore processors work by

splitting up the work of computting tasks

power supply:

Switches alternating current (AC) provided from a wall outlet to lower voltages in the form of direct current (DC).

serial ports

9 pin plug

Laser printers-inkjet printers


Moores law

transistors on chip will increase exponentially

Front Side Bus

This central connecting point between the processor and the system devices has an
affect on the overall speed

what % of USA computers have Windows XP, Vista or 7


performance is largely based on

the processor, amount of memory and available cache

Virtual memory

when running several programs at once , the OS places data that will not fit into RAM into


THe subsysten responsible for moving data and instructions between components is known as

when printing a document from the WPP which step does the OS perform first?

checks to see if the printer is online

the help system in every OS provides

searchable support information and troubleshooting tools

Which OS is popular in Europe?


read-only memory (ROM)

:Permanent memory that holds information such as the BIOS and instructions that the computer uses to start the operating system.

Infrared Data Association (IrDA)

port:A port that transfers data from one device to another using infrared light waves.


controls how fast your computer can run programs and complete processing tasks.

Fire Wire port

same as serial bus architecture as USB(9pin)
The newest version of FireWire supports a data rate of 800 Mbps page 69

Processor speed is measured in

gigahertz, abbreviated GHz. The more gigahertz of processor speed, the faster your computer will run. Today you might see faster computers averaging 2.5 to 3.0 gigahertz,

The capacity of your hard drive

is an important consideration for efficient data storage and retrieval. Hard drive capacity is measured in GB. Typical consumer PCs might have 160 GB to 500 GB of storage.

b. chemical. P72

A mouse can use various types of technology for its pointing functions, including all of the following except


Code that checks and starts computer devices such as memory, monitor, keyboard, and disc drives, and directs the hard drive to boot up and load the operating system (OS) to memory.

BIOS, Basic Input Output System,

is stored in ROM. >>>>>During the boot-up sequence, the BIOS checks devices = memory, monitor, keyboard, and disc drives to insure they are working properly and to start them up. >>>>It also directs the hard drive to boot up and load the operating system (OS) to memory.

RAM is

the memory your computer uses to run programs. RAM chips come in different types such as DRAM and SDRAM. Most current computers use a variation of SDRAM.

RAM chips are rated by access speed

The faster this speed, the faster a request for data stored on your system can be completed. RAM access speed is MHz If you run several programs at once or look for higher speed RAM. A typical access speed is 800 MHz

RAM access speed is measured in

Random ,rated by ACCESS speed, used in OS and applications MEGAhertz (MHz) is NON volatile memory

device driver

interprets key strokes


high-speed serial technology for connecting peripherals to a computer; particularly popular for multimedia peripherals such as digital video camcorders and other high-speed devices like hard disk drives and printers

to connect to internet

built in wireless adapter, include a port for connecting a cable to your computer

command line interface

a user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon

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