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  1. eucaryon
  2. microorganisms
  3. follow treatment guidelines
  4. eucaryon & prokaryotes
  5. pathogenic microorganisms
  1. a can reproduce or replicate
  2. b these have 2 possible damaging effects within the body: local destruction of tissue or production of poisonous substances that migrate
  3. c has true nucleus; contains chromosomes and reproduces by mitosis
  4. d microorganisms are categorized into two groups:
  5. e how to break chain in step 1: pathogen

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  1. by etiology (cause), ability to spread (communicable), ease of transmission (contagious), ease of infecting population quickly (epidemic)
  2. found almost everywhere in the environment. irritability is its response to environment
  3. appendages that allow cell ability to move
  4. single celled yeasts & multicellular molds
  5. causes athlete's foot

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  1. keep skin clean, moisturized, cover draining or open wounds, perform sterile or clean techniqueshow to break chain in step 4: vehicle


  2. gram positivedoesn't retain color...turns pink


  3. virusesmicroorganisms smaller than bacteria


  4. coccus (cocci)round or spherical shape


  5. general ways to break chain of infectionhand washing, appropriate waste disposal, careful management of secretions and drainage


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