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  1. spirillum (spirilla)
  2. budding
  3. prokaryotes
  4. 2 common infections due to protozoa:
  5. characteristics of microorganism
  1. a spiral shaped
  2. b has nucleus; but no nucleus membrane; have DNA unbound
  3. c yeasts cells reproduce by process called:
  4. d found almost everywhere in the environment. irritability is its response to environment
  5. e plasmodium malarieae & trichomona vaginalis

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  1. has true nucleus; contains chromosomes and reproduces by mitosis
  2. how to break chain in step 5:portal of entry
  3. related to microbes ability to be transmitted into the host
  4. vectors, inanimate objects serve as :
  5. fungi is in __ cell family

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  1. coccus, bacillus, spirillum3 shapes of bacteria


  2. protect & clean areas that may be a portalhow to break chain in step 3: poral of exit


  3. follow treatment guidelineshow to break chain in step 1: pathogen


  4. algaefound on sunlit water, appearing as green scum, important part of environmental food chain. resembles plant cells.


  5. virusessingle celled; parent cells produce daugher cells by mitosis


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