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  1. host
  2. clostridium tentani (tetanus)
  3. viruses
  4. exotoxins
  5. staph, TB, and pseudomonas aeruginosa
  1. a person immunosurpressed; has pt had surgery(open wound or insition), past medical history
  2. b a bacteria infection; must get vaccination every 10 years
  3. c toxins manufactured by the microbes excreted into the surrounding tissue; they are released into blood vessels, where they are carried to other body parts
  4. d other common bacterias:
  5. e microorganisms smaller than bacteria

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  1. found almost everywhere in the environment. irritability is its response to environment
  2. cause harmful effects by traveling thru circulatory system to damage other body cells
  3. can survive harsh environmental conditions; found independently or in groups
  4. how to break chain in step 2: reservoir
  5. general grouping...listed first.

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  1. tinea pediscauses ringworm


  2. gram positivedoesn't retain color...turns pink


  3. microbiology is important to nurses because:to break chain of transmission & prevention of infection


  4. candida albicanscauses athlete's foot


  5. micro-organismminute living cells not visible to the naked eye; so small must be seen with microscope.


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