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  1. microorganisms
  2. endotoxins
  3. bacillus (bacilli)
  4. budding
  5. gram positive
  1. a part of the cell walls of gram-negative bacteria; when microbe dies, the cell wall decays & releases the toxins
  2. b yeasts cells reproduce by process called:
  3. c retain purple stain
  4. d have spores for protection
  5. e rod shaped

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  1. how to break chain in step 1: pathogen
  2. causes ringworm
  3. chains
  4. how to break chain in step 4: vehicle
  5. has nucleus; but no nucleus membrane; have DNA unbound

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  1. genusmulticelled, distinctive odor, has spores


  2. trichomona vaginalishas distinct odor; partner must be treated as well


  3. portal of entrycan survive harsh environmental conditions; found independently or in groups


  4. protozoaprokaryote; single celled; does not have true nucleus, can live in harsh conditions; identified thru gram staining.


  5. 3 infections caused by yeasts:candida albicans, tinea corporis, tinea pedis


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