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  1. diplo
  2. amoeba & paramecium
  3. micro-organism
  4. fungi
  5. pathogen
  1. a single celled yeasts & multicellular molds
  2. b similar in structure to living animal or plants
  3. c 2 protozoa species found; they take in food & excrete waste
  4. d infectious disease; first step in chain of infection
  5. e means pairs

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  1. bacteria are classified by:
  2. study of fungi
  3. microorganisms can be identified by:
  4. to break chain of transmission & prevention of infection
  5. how to break chain in step 5:portal of entry

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  1. tinea pediscauses athlete's foot


  2. yeastsperson immunosurpressed; has pt had surgery(open wound or insition), past medical history


  3. prokaryotes consist of 3 regions:cell envelope, appendages, cytoplasmic region


  4. endotoxinstoxins manufactured by the microbes excreted into the surrounding tissue; they are released into blood vessels, where they are carried to other body parts


  5. diplo, staph, strepto3 arrangements (length) of bacteria


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