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  1. reservoir
  2. exotoxins
  3. staph
  4. keep skin clean, moisturized, cover draining or open wounds, perform sterile or clean techniques
  5. chain of infection:
  1. a how to break chain in step 5:portal of entry
  2. b clusters
  3. c vectors, inanimate objects serve as :
  4. d toxins manufactured by the microbes excreted into the surrounding tissue; they are released into blood vessels, where they are carried to other body parts
  5. e pathogen, reservoir, poral of exit, vehicle, portal of entry, host

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  1. hand washing, appropriate waste disposal, careful management of secretions and drainage
  2. a bacteria infection; must get vaccination every 10 years
  3. microorganisms can be identified by:
  4. some micro organisms cause infection; what is ordered when infection is suspected or known.
  5. a. identifies mibrobes b. determine treatment c. monitor response to treatment

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  1. moldsmulticelled, distinctive odor, has spores


  2. pathogeninfectious disease; first step in chain of infection


  3. trichomona vaginaliscan reproduce or replicate


  4. capsulelayer outside of cell envelope or outer membrane


  5. virusescan cause wide range of diseases; does not have ability to carry out metabolism


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