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  1. protect & clean areas that may be a portal
  2. eucaryon
  3. staph
  4. portal of exit (also vehicle)
  5. diplo, staph, strepto
  1. a airborne, direct contact, contaminated food or water, vector
  2. b how to break chain in step 3: poral of exit
  3. c 3 arrangements (length) of bacteria
  4. d has true nucleus; contains chromosomes and reproduces by mitosis
  5. e clusters

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  1. round or spherical shape
  2. need water or moisture to grow; has motion...ability to move from place to place
  3. shows results of C & S test; shows affects of antibiotics
  4. yeasts cells reproduce by process called:
  5. some micro organisms cause infection; what is ordered when infection is suspected or known.

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  1. tinea pediscauses athlete's foot


  2. characteristics of microorganismfound almost everywhere in the environment. irritability is its response to environment


  3. fungigeneral grouping...listed first.


  4. general ways to break chain of infectionpathogen, reservoir, poral of exit, vehicle, portal of entry, host


  5. exotoxinspart of the cell walls of gram-negative bacteria; when microbe dies, the cell wall decays & releases the toxins


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