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  1. miscarriage
  2. trimester
  3. Down syndrome
  4. assisted reproductive technology
  5. genetic testing
  1. a The most common chromosomal abnormality, causing mental retardation, susceptibility to heart disease, and other health problems; and distinctive physical characteristics, such as slanted eyes and stocky build.
  2. b The naturally occurring loss of a pregnancy and death of the fetus.
  3. c A blood test to determine whether a person carries the gene for a given genetic disorder.
  4. d ...
  5. e One of the 3 month long segments into which pregnancy is divided.

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  1. The pear-shaped muscular organ in a woman's abdomen that houses the developing baby.
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  3. One of a pair of almond-shaped organs that contain a woman's ova, or eggs.
  4. A physical or neurological problem that occurs prenatally or at birth.
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  1. chorionic villus samplingThe second stage of prenatal development, lasting from week 3 through week 8.


  2. ovulationThe moment during a woman's monthly cycle when an ovum is expelled from the ovary.


  3. hormonesMale organs that manufacture sperm.


  4. teratogenMale organs that manufacture sperm.


  5. single-gene disorderAn illness that a child gets by inheriting two copies of the abnormal gene that causes the disorder.


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