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  1. neural tube
  2. umbillical cord
  3. infertility
  4. fetal alcohol syndrome
  1. a The structure that attaches the placenta to the fetus, through which nutrients are passed and fetal wastes are removed.
  2. b ...
  3. c A cylindrical structure that forms along the back of the embryo and develops into the brain and spinal cord.
  4. d A cluster of birth defects caused by the mother's alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

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  1. An egg cell containing the genetic material contributed by the mother to the baby.
  2. A relatively risky first-trimester pregnancy test for fetal genetic information.
  3. The second stage of prenatal development, lasting from week 3 through week 8.
  4. ...
  5. The process in which a blastocyst becomes embedded in the uterine wall.

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  1. cervixThe neck, or narrow lower portion, of the uterus.


  2. testesMale organs that manufacture sperm.


  3. fetal stage...


  4. sex-linked single gene disorderAn illness caused by a single gene.


  5. fertilizationThe union of sperm and egg.


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