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  1. Market value
  2. Excess
  3. 2 examples of car insurance exlusions
  4. Replacement cost
  5. Reasons to insure
  6. What does the insurance policy set out?

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  1. Extreme activities, war or terrorist damage, luggage left unattendedThere are two parts to an insurance policy:


  2. Smoking, cosmetic surgery2 examples of health insurance exclusions


  3. Compulsory third party insurance, third party property insurance, comprehensive insurance, third party fire or theft insuranceWhat is a claim?


  4. when you ask your insurer to pay for something that is covered by your insurance policyAgreed value


  5. insurer will pay you a fixed dollar amount as stated on your policyExcess


  6. Damage caused by natural disasters2 examples of car insurance exlusions


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