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  1. What does the insurance policy set out?
  2. There are two parts to an insurance policy:
  3. Why bother with travel insurance?
  4. Excess
  5. Replacement cost
  6. 2 examples of health insurance exclusions

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  1. Insurance can help you replace something, protect you from something that may happen, pay off debtTips to reduce premium


  2. Income protection, total and permanent disability, trauma or critical, term life or death, private health, consumer credit3 examples of travel insurance exclusion


  3. when you ask your insurer to pay for something that is covered by your insurance policyWhat is a claim?


  4. Extreme activities, war or terrorist damage, luggage left unattendedThere are two parts to an insurance policy:


  5. Cost of policy (premium), product disclosure statement, insurance policy document (terms and conditions, risks covered, exclusions)What to remember when choosing insurance


  6. Damage caused by natural disasters2 examples of car insurance exlusions


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