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  1. a diagram that explains distances on a map
  2. most maps use this to show directions
  3. starting point for measuring latitude - labeled zero degrees
  4. the grid formed by criss crossing line of latitude and longitude on a map
  5. imaginary lines around the globe that run east and west; also called parallels. Tells us how far north or south the equator a place is. It divides earth into two halves - northern hemishpere and southern hemisphere
  6. a map that shows just one kind of information, such as rainfall or elevation

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  1. Map keya bowl shaped landform that is lower than the surrounding land


  2. Intermediate directionsN, S, E, W


  3. Four Cardinal directionsSE, SW, NE, NW


  4. Coastal Plainlow, flat land that runs along a coast


  5. Five themes of geographyimaginary lines around the globe that run between the North and South Poles, also called meridians


  6. Meridiansan area of land that does not border an ocean


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