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  1. disseminate
  2. chronicle
  3. perplexing
  4. consummate
  5. harmony
  1. a confusing;complicated
  2. b 1. (v) to report or record in detail 2. (n) a history or chronological account
  3. c complete or perfect
  4. d agreement; compatibility
  5. e to spread or scatter widely

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  1. a liking or preference
  2. to put an end to; to quiet
  3. to enhance the appearance of with decoration
  4. to hold back; to interfere with
  5. to place side by side

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  1. deplorelacking substance or significance; flimsy


  2. quizzicalto put an end to; to quiet


  3. championto support or defend (a cause)


  4. wearytired


  5. inundatecomplete or perfect


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