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  1. juxtapose
  2. champion
  3. analogous
  4. poignant
  5. inundate
  1. a to flood or cover; to overwhelm
  2. b to support or defend (a cause)
  3. c to place side by side
  4. d similar
  5. e very moving or touching

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  1. appropiate; well-suited to the occasion
  2. to show off
  3. fully and clearly expressed
  4. a person or thing that comes before
  5. to regret deeply; to disapprove of strongly

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  1. garnishagreement; compatibility


  2. cacophonyagreement; compatibility


  3. elatedsharp


  4. disseminateto spread or scatter widely


  5. quizzicalto put an end to; to quiet


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