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  1. Temperate
  2. Keystone Species
  3. Symbiosis
  4. Parasite
  5. Microclimate
  1. a The climate in a small area/distance
  2. b The animal that harms the host in the symbiotic relationship, parasitism
  3. c Species that are critical to the functioning of an ecosystem.
  4. d Regions between tropical and polar in the global climate zones
  5. e Any relationship in which two species live closely together

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  1. The animal that captures and feeds on another animal (the prey) in predation
  2. Harmed by the parasite in the symbiotic relationship, parasitism
  3. No two species can occupy exactly the same nich in exactly the same habitat at exactly the same time
  4. By causing species to divide resources, competition helps determine the number and kinds of species in a community and the niche each species occupies
  5. Things you need to survive: Things like sun, food, water, shelter...

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  1. PreyThe animal that is captured and eaten by another animal (the predator) in predation


  2. Greenhouse GasesCO2, Menthane and Water Vapor


  3. Symbiotic RelationshipsAny relationship in which two species live closely together


  4. HabitatThe general place where ab organism lives


  5. HerbivoryCan effect both the size and distribution of plant populations in a community and determine the places that centain plants can survive and grow


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