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The Activity 8.3.1 video advises using your Bluetooth device in ____ mode.


____ scrambles a message so that it's unreadable to anybody who doesn't have the right key.


Which type of malware is designed to find out the activity of a computer user without his/her knowledge?


What is the problem with preset passwords on the wireless routers used in home networks?

They are simple and predictable

Which type of malware is usually hidden in a document such as a word processing or spreadsheet file?

macro virus

This type of malware can also be used for legitimate purposes.


Biometric authentication identifies individuals by the unique attributes of their

a. retina. b. fingerprints. c. voice.
d. All answers are correct

Cyber attacks are perpetrated by

a. hackers. b. corporate spies. c. organized crime. d. All answers are correct

Which of the following is a third party certification authority?


Sites where you perform financial transactions should always have ____ in place, which protects data as it is being transmitted.

Transport Security Layer (TSL)

What does Chapter 8 advise doing with Bluetooth when you're not using it?

turn it off

What is LoJack?

a service that lets you remotely delete data from your laptop if it is stolen

____ involves the use of passwords or other identifiers to make sure people accessing information are who they claim to be.


Antivirus programs require that you update your virus definitions on a regular basis.


Which of the following are acronyms for two popular forms of encryption?


____ is a technique used by malicious hackers to make it appear that they are someone else.


In addition to updating your antivirus software, you should keep your computer secure by regularly updating your

operating system.

Every major browser has tools and settings for dealing with cookies.


A botnet is a collection of zombie computers


The term spam refers to viruses attached to email.


What is a social engineer?

a. a con artist who employs tactics to trick people into giving up valuable information

An Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is robust form of a(n) ____ program used by network administrators.


A ____ attack attempts to crash a corporate Internet site by bombarding it with continuous service requests.


bout 75 percent of individual users encrypt (scramble) their email.


For individuals, the primary cyber security risk is

identity theft.

Of the following types of malware, which could be considered mostly unwelcome and annoying rather than harmful?


A honeypot is network computer fortified with extra-robust security features.


Pictures you download can carry viruses stored in a single pixel of the image.


Teaching kids not to click on links that might download viruses is a simple example of this kind of computer security.

user procedure

Which of the following types of malware opens a back door to your computer for malicious hackers?

Trojan horse

It has been estimated that ____ percent of all computers connected to the Internet today are zombies.


The two main points raised in Chapter 8 regarding cell phone security are 1) to protect your phone from theft, and 2) to

be cautious with your use of Bluetooth.

The DRP discussed in Chapter 8 stands for Digital Rights Program.


In the Chapter 8 podcast, what is Dr. Amin referring to when he says he worries about a "multi-prong" attack?

a cyber attack that is accompanied by chemical, biological, or other threats

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a virus?

It is designed to gain access to the system software.

A study cited in Chapter 8 found that cyber attacks caused intellectual property losses averaging ____ dollars.

4.6 million

FYI p.230 diagram -public key encryption

step 1 you send a public key
step 2 friends computer applies the public key to an email message to encrypt it
step 3 friend sends the encrypted email back
step 4 my computer applies a private key to encrypt the message

TSL (or Transport Layer Security

FYI p 235When buying an item on a site, during the checkout process, the http: in the address line should change to https:. This indicates that the site uses the TSL (or Transport Layer Security) protocol to protect your purchase information.

FYI p. 243 It's wise to use an uninterruptable power supply (abbreviated UPS) for individual computers.

UPS systems provide backup if power goes down. A company can prevent data loss due to a power surge by using surge protectors.

FYI p. 244 Firewalls

can be created using software, hardware, or a combination of the two. Your computer operating system probably provides a firewall setting that's simple to set up

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