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  1. sedimentary rock
  2. cleavage
  3. intrusive
  4. igneous rock
  5. fracture
  1. a the tendency of some minerals to break along flat surfaces
  2. b forms when sediments are compacted and cemented together
  3. c forms from the cooling of magma
  4. d magma cooling to rock beneath Earth's surface
  5. e the tendency of some minerals to break unevenly along curved or irregular surfaces

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  1. the way a surface reflects light
  2. determined by the sizes, shapes, amd position of the grains of which it is made
  3. layers of sedimentary rock
  4. a mineral that contains sulfur and oxygen
  5. refers to a mineral's resistance to being scratched

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  1. compounda substance made of two or more elements that have been chemically joined


  2. compositionthe minerals the rock is made of


  3. nonfoliatedmetamorphic rock that doesn't have a regular pattern


  4. reclamationa way to reduce the harmful effects of mining by returning the land to its original state after the mining is completed


  5. elementthe color of a mineral in powdered form


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