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  1. What would a citizen do in the Tepidarium?
  2. How did the Jews travel? (Groups, legions...)
  3. List ALL of Jesus' teachings
  4. List what a citizen would do after exercising in an open court yard and changing?
  5. Who was considered the first pope?
  1. a They would use strigiling to clean themselves after their vigorous workout.
  2. b Go to Tepidarium, Caldarium, and finally, Frigidarium.
  3. c 12 tribes
  4. d Reinforced monotheism and 10 commandments; love god above all else; love others as yourself; forgiveness for wrong doing; heavenly reward (hope)
  5. e Peter

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  1. Patriarchs
  2. 100 days
  3. At home every day in front of an alter
  4. They socialized, were entertained, and ate.
  5. Priests

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  1. Name the four Gospels.Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Together they are all known as the New Testament


  2. What was the Spina?Closest followers of Jesus


  3. Explain how the churches were "highly organized".The Pope would make a decision, tell the Patriarchs, who in turn would tell the bishops who told the priests. Through this a prayer that was being done in Rome would be the same as a prayer being done in Alexandria.


  4. Why did the Romans have so many gods?In Canaan


  5. True or False: Lucius is an active member in Roman politics.pope


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