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  1. Hadrian banned all Jews from the holy city of _________.
  2. What two things enabled Rome to build large, cheap buildings?
  3. Where would Romans worship?
  4. What were the Jews exempt from?
  5. What were the ten commandments?
  1. a Use of an arch and concrete
  2. b At home every day in front of an alter
  3. c Worshiping the Emperor
  4. d Jerusalem.
  5. e Moral laws that the Jews had to follow and if they were broken G-D would punish the person

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  1. They used a grid system
  2. Pontifex Maximus and Augustus
  3. the Second Temple.
  4. Rebellious Jews who believed that Judaism would be weakened by outside influences and therefore supported rebellion against Rome to establish their own independent state
  5. Theodosius

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  1. Over time what did the patriarch name turn into?Pope


  2. Why would Cassius Macedo kill Lucius?He wanted the money from the inheritance


  3. Where was Atticus most likely from?Sumer


  4. Who was the most important apostle who formed the first church and spread Jesus' teachings?Pontius Pilate


  5. Who made Christianity the official religion of the empire?Theodosius


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