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  1. The Romans sacked the Jewish Holy city of Jerusalem and destroyed all but the retaining wall of _____________
  2. Where does G-D tell Abraham to go?
  3. Who was the proconsul who put Jesus on trial?
  4. Why were Christians persecuted?
  5. How were Jews treated in 6 A.D.?
  1. a They were allowed to practice monotheism but politically there was corruption.
  2. b the Second Temple.
  3. c Pontius Pilate
  4. d Christians were persecuted mainly because of the fact that they would try to convert others to their religion, unlike Jews. In addition, since one of the testaments says, "Thou shalt not kill" the Christians would protest outside places, such as the Colosseum
  5. e West to the Promise Land

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  1. Sumer
  2. Moral laws that the Jews had to follow and if they were broken G-D would punish the person
  3. Eclipse of moon, eagle being released, and dark storm over half of Rome.
  4. Theodosius
  5. They would cool down in a very cold room where they were refreshed and their pores were closed.

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  1. What profession is Lucius?Unethical real estate developer


  2. Name the four Gospels.Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Together they are all known as the New Testament


  3. What foreshadows Lucius' death at the gladiator arena?When the emperor obeys Lucius and stops the gladiator match. (People see this and realize that the emperor is close with Lucius)


  4. Name three occasions when Aristide's eyes turn silver.After the private gladiator match, when Aristide is recounting the story of Spartacus, he says that one day slaves will be free; when being called back to Rome from their vacation Aristide tells Atticus of the three symbols; during the gladiator match Aristide foresees Lucius' death


  5. What two things enabled Rome to build large, cheap buildings?Emperor


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