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  1. How did Christianity spread throughout the years? (MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION!)
  2. When does Aristide's eyes turn silver?
  3. How many teams were in the Circus Maximus?
  4. In AD 135, the Roman army, under the emperor _________, brutally pout down the last Jewish revolt.
  5. Who wrote "Atticus of Rome"?
  1. a 4
  2. b When the gods are speaking through him and he has a vision
  3. c Hadrian
  4. d It accepts everyone (no fees for sacrifices); promised hope and freedom from penalties of wrongdoing; all classes converted as conditions in Rome worsened; people were curious about beliefs (saw Martyrs); Emperors (Theodosius and Constantine); organized church
  5. e Barry Denenberg

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  1. Headed church in each city
  2. Rubble, kerb stones, sand, cement
  3. After the private gladiator match, when Aristide is recounting the story of Spartacus, he says that one day slaves will be free; when being called back to Rome from their vacation Aristide tells Atticus of the three symbols; during the gladiator match Aristide foresees Lucius' death
  4. Greece
  5. Peter

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  1. What two titles did emperors have?Pontifex Maximus and Augustus


  2. Name the three visions that Aristide had.Eclipse of moon, eagle being released, and dark storm over half of Rome.


  3. Where was Abraham from?Sumer


  4. How were Jews treated in 6 A.D.?They were allowed to practice monotheism but politically there was corruption.


  5. Name two Jewish prophets.Moses and Abraham


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