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World. Civ. (7.4-7.5; Atticus) Test

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  1. The ______ claimed to be supreme over the other patriarchs.
  2. How were Jews treated in 6 A.D.?
  3. What types of events were held in the Colosseum?
  4. When does Aristide's eyes turn silver?
  5. True or False: The chariot races at Circus Maximus were just casual races.
  1. a They were allowed to practice monotheism but politically there was corruption.
  2. b When the gods are speaking through him and he has a vision
  3. c False; they were very competitive and often fights broke out.
  4. d pope
  5. e Gladiator games, mock sea battles, executions, etc.

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  1. Moral laws that the Jews had to follow and if they were broken G-D would punish the person
  2. Emperor
  3. He is a wandering preacher who attracts crowds
  4. Rebellious Jews who believed that Judaism would be weakened by outside influences and therefore supported rebellion against Rome to establish their own independent state
  5. They would be in a very hot room (like a sauna) where the hot water and steamy air would open their pores.

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  1. Name the three visions that Aristide had.Eclipse of moon, eagle being released, and dark storm over half of Rome.


  2. Who was Vestia?Part of the Circus Maximus, "spine", in the middle that kept track of the laps.


  3. True or false: Romans did not keep records so we technically do not know if Jesus was real.False: Jesus was said to be an amazing student and would have, in a modern sense, been the Valedictorian


  4. How did Lucius die?Guardian of fire, home, and the hearth


  5. What king of sacrifices would the Romans put on the alter?They socialized, were entertained, and ate.


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