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  1. Name the four Gospels.
  2. How many days did Jesus stay on Earth after he arose from the dead?
  3. List what a citizen would do after exercising in an open court yard and changing?
  4. Who is pharoah when the Jews go to Egypt?
  5. Above the priests were _______, who headed the church in each city.
  1. a Go to Tepidarium, Caldarium, and finally, Frigidarium.
  2. b Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Together they are all known as the New Testament
  3. c bishops
  4. d 40 more days
  5. e Ramses II

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  1. System that brings water from the mountains into the cities
  2. Survey the site, excavate to bedrock, layer with ingredients, pave with cement
  3. Arches that were used as bridges where water would flow on the top.
  4. Father
  5. Guardian of fire, home, and the hearth

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  1. How did Lucius die?Combination of cement plus sand and gravel


  2. What would a citizen do in the Caldarium?They would be in a very hot room (like a sauna) where the hot water and steamy air would open their pores.


  3. What would a citizen do in the Frigidarium?They would cool down in a very cold room where they were refreshed and their pores were closed.


  4. What two ways does Jesus attract crowds?By telling of his teachings and by performing "miracles"


  5. What would a citizen first do upon entering the Baths?Exercise in an open courtyard


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