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  1. What profession did Aristide have?
  2. The bishops of these empires were called _________.
  3. The ______ claimed to be supreme over the other patriarchs.
  4. When does Aristide's eyes turn silver?
  5. List three Roman virtues that Lucius exhibits. (Must know how to explain each for test and be able to give examples!)
  1. a pope
  2. b When the gods are speaking through him and he has a vision
  3. c Lucius is loyal (protects the Emperor by trying to unmask the conspiracy plot), ethical (instead of making more money by taking the Senate job he decides to help out his friend by quitting politics to listen to conspiracies), and trustworthy (Emperor relies on him to quietly gather information about the people who are forming a conspiracy to kill him)
  4. d Patriarchs
  5. e Astrologer

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  1. The four gospels and the Roman records (Romans kept meticulous records about everyone)
  2. On top of where Nero's Golden Palace had been. It was built in middle of Rome and adjacent to forum.
  3. Cassius Macedo
  4. He is a wandering preacher who attracts crowds
  5. Emperor Vespasian

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  1. In 70 A.D. what happens that causes the Second Temple to be destroyed?The Jews revolt


  2. In AD 325 the council at _______ wrote down the main beliefs of the church.Nicaea


  3. Who was the closest emperor to the period of "Atticus of Rome"?Octavian


  4. Explain how an aqueduct worked.The Romans would take the water from its source and use gravity to bring it down to the city. From there it would be stored in tanks and the excess would be used to flush out the sewers.


  5. Jews want a savior/king in the likeness of whom?King David


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