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  1. What drove the Jews to Egypt?
  2. Name two Jewish prophets.
  3. Who declared his support for Christianity when he became emperor?
  4. Who had the title of head priest?
  5. Was there an awning over the Colosseum?
  1. a Constantine
  2. b Emperor
  3. c Famine
  4. d Yes
  5. e Moses and Abraham

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  1. 40 more days
  2. Bishop of patriarch cities
  3. conquered
  4. 6
  5. They would use strigiling to clean themselves after their vigorous workout.

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  1. Where was Abraham from?Greece


  2. Who was considered the first pope?Headed church in each city


  3. What does the dark storm vision represent?Turmoil and conspiracies soon to arise


  4. When does Aristide's eyes turn silver?When the gods are speaking through him and he has a vision


  5. In AD 135, the Roman army, under the emperor _________, brutally pout down the last Jewish revolt.Nicaea


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