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  1. The ______ claimed to be supreme over the other patriarchs.
  2. Which emperor bans the Olympic Games?
  3. Who was the most important apostle who formed the first church and spread Jesus' teachings?
  4. What two things does Lucius bequeath to Atticus and his father and Aristide?
  5. What does the dark storm vision represent?
  1. a His fortune and freedom
  2. b Turmoil and conspiracies soon to arise
  3. c pope
  4. d Theodosius
  5. e Peter

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  1. Ancestral spirits
  2. It accepts everyone (no fees for sacrifices); promised hope and freedom from penalties of wrongdoing; all classes converted as conditions in Rome worsened; people were curious about beliefs (saw Martyrs); Emperors (Theodosius and Constantine); organized church
  3. Assyrians and Persians
  4. (Everyone except slaves) Infants, elderly, men, women, healthy and ill.
  5. Jews were monotheistic and believed in one god. In addition they believed in a Messiah, or savior, to lead them to freedom

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  1. What two titles did emperors have?Astrologer


  2. Who were Zealots?Rebellious Jews who believed that Judaism would be weakened by outside influences and therefore supported rebellion against Rome to establish their own independent state


  3. What profession did Aristide have?Astrologer


  4. How did the Romans create straight roads?They used a grid system


  5. What is an aqueduct bridge?Arches that were used as bridges where water would flow on the top.


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