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  1. Who is pharoah when the Jews go to Egypt?
  2. Who was the first Jewish king who united the 12 tribes to Kingdom of Israel?
  3. Who conquered the Assyrians?
  4. Where would Romans worship?
  5. Where was the Colosseum built?
  1. a On top of where Nero's Golden Palace had been. It was built in middle of Rome and adjacent to forum.
  2. b Ramses II
  3. c At home every day in front of an alter
  4. d Saul
  5. e Persians

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  1. When the emperor obeys Lucius and stops the gladiator match. (People see this and realize that the emperor is close with Lucius)
  2. 4
  3. Emperor
  4. bishops
  5. The central event is the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Christians believed that through his death all people could be redeemed, or saved, from God's final judgment.

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  1. What does the dark storm vision represent?Turmoil and conspiracies soon to arise


  2. What profession did Aristide have?Unethical real estate developer


  3. What two ways does Jesus attract crowds?Conducted local services and ceremonies


  4. List what a citizen would do after exercising in an open court yard and changing?They would be in a very hot room (like a sauna) where the hot water and steamy air would open their pores.


  5. True or False: The chariot races at Circus Maximus were just casual races.False: Lady Claudius is part of it


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