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  1. Secretin family
  2. Factors affecting serum Ca balance
  3. Acidophilic cells
  4. Obesity vs DM2
  5. Autoinhibition/short loop feedback
  1. a Secretin, glucagon, gastric inhibitory peptide (GIP), vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP); share AA sequences; inc cAMP
  2. b GI absorption; storage in bone as Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 (80% Ca in bone); relationship to P: [Ca] x [PO4] = K; PO4 stored in bone/tissue not carefully regulated
  3. c inhibitory effects of release of ACTH
  4. d 90% of pts, most can lose weight to control; location of fat is impt: upper body worse M>40" F>35"
  5. e stain with acid dyes (GH, PRL cells)

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  1. stimulates GH release from AP
  2. AVP less sensitive than response to changes in osmolality, 5% dec in BP, 8% dec in BV; important with hemorrhage and blood loss, location of arterial baroreceptors: aortic arch, carotid sinus, lt atrium
  3. High albeto, inc reflectance, dec MSH, lighter skin; low albeto, dec reflectance, inc MSH, dark skin::: inc survival in dft environments
  4. stimulate growth, extracellular deposition of bones, lipases that convert triglycerides to FFAs and body fat
  5. source of melanotropins; present in cyclostomes, amph, reptile and most mammals (well defined pars intermedia or lobe wtih MSH secreting cells); not present in birds, whales/dolphins, adult humans (present in fetus)

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  1. Ghrelinprotein released from stomach; levels rise before meals; experiment with rodents showed that ones treated wtih horm ate more and gained weight; humans treated at 30% more at a buffet


  2. Corticotropinincrease insulin sensitivity; levles inversely related to body fat; acts wtih insulin to inc glucose uptake and metabolism in muscle and block glucose formation in liver; decreased in DM2


  3. Regulation of PTH releasefood (peptides, AA, IFA), distention of stomach, activity of vagus nerve (GRP) inhibited by SST


  4. Calcitonin (CT)dec blood Ca by acting on bone to inhibit osteoclast activity; produced by C cells (parafollicular cells that arise from ultimobranchial glands in mammals, migrate to thyroid gland) located in thyroid gland


  5. Nucleuscollection of nerve cell bodies in CNS; supraoptic and paraventricular (more oxytocin)


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