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  1. Oral insulins`
  2. CCK fxns
  3. Leptin (greek for thin)
  4. Metabolic sydrome, associated with DM2
  5. Effects of glucagon on liver
  1. a High fasting BSG; High triglyceride levels; low blood high density lipoprotein (HDL); HTN
  2. b inc in glucose release, gluconeogenesis, glycogenolysis, ketogenesis:: dec in glycogenesis
  3. c released from adipose cells; gene termed -ob for obese
  4. d Sulfonylureas (ex: carbutamide, tolbutamid) close K+ ATP channels whic open Ca2+ channels; free Ca 2+ stimulates insulin release form B cells
  5. e gallbladder contractions, relaxation of sphincter of oddi, inhibition of gastric emptying, inc pancreatic enzyme secretion and bicarb secretion, stimulates growth exocrine pancreas

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  1. Melanin pigment; eumelanins (black/brown) and pehomelanins (yellow/red); pig's in melanostomes (fully melanized organelle); located in dermis/epidermis
  2. produce less leptin to eat more
  3. neurotransmitter; inhibits prolactin release; agonists inhibit PRL release from AP, antagonists stimulate release; Hyperprolactinemia in 28% women with menstrual abnormalities, treat with dopamine agonists (parlodel, bromocryptine mesylate)
  4. Downgrowth from neurohypophysis
  5. pregnancy (OT release causes contraction during labor); mammary glands (OT causes milk release); mating (inc uterine activity, orgasm, milk ejection, inc sperm transport)

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  1. Therapies for Ca loss dzCT tx; Biphosphonates (fosamax, boniva, actonel); selective estrogen recetpor modulator (SERMS); topical Vit D; lifestyle modifications (weight bearing exercise/ Ca uptake)


  2. Hormones regulating Causing substances other than blucose to generate energy: FFA from fats


  3. Adenohypophysisposterior pit (pars nervosa, infundibulum)


  4. Neuro control of aMSHinhibition (Dop hyperpolarizes aMSH secreting cells and inhibits MSH release) stimulation (Acetylcholine depolarizes MSH secreting cells and stimulates MSH release)


  5. Opiomelanotropinsinc ketones in blood (acetone breath); dec pH leads to metabolic acidosis causing come and death


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