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  1. Hyperglycemia
  2. Leptin (greek for thin)
  3. GH related dz
  4. Glucose sparing
  5. BLPH fxn
  1. a stimulates lipolysis in fat cells, source of endorphins such as B endorphins
  2. b released from adipose cells; gene termed -ob for obese
  3. c using substances other than blucose to generate energy: FFA from fats
  4. d Dwarfism (underproduction); Gigantism (excess GH, linear bone growth); Acromegaly (excess GH in adults)
  5. e inc BSG, cellular starvation in some tissues/muscle; inc glycosylated hgb in blood (HbAlc levels) (>7% glucose not controlled)

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  1. osmoregulate, contractile regulation (vasopressin-osmo, OT -contractile activity: uterine, milk release, orgasm); Vasopressin - antidiuretic, ADH, increase permeability of collecting ducts to water
  2. component of rennin angiotensin system, acts on brain to stimulate AVP release
  3. inc tubular reabsorption of Ca into ascending loop of Henle; inc excretion of PO4, inhibits H+ secretion into tubules; inhibits bicarb reabsorption
  4. Excess BSG accumulates in cells of peripheral nerves and ocular lens; excess BSG converts to sorbitol; sorbitol and product fructose cause edema in cells; edema of fine vessels/nerves: diabetic retinopathy
  5. increase glucose uptake indirectly by stimulating glucokinase which inhibits glucose-6 phosphate; inc glucose storage by stimulating glucose sythetase; inc lipid sythesis by stimulating triglyceride sythetase

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  1. Eating too little effectInc Ca stimulates release; gastrin stimulates release


  2. Opiomelanotropinsstimulates GH release from AP


  3. Transport of neurohypophysial hormsAnterior pit (pars tuberalis, pars distalis, pars intermedia)


  4. Physiological color changereleased from adipose cells; gene termed -ob for obese


  5. Polyuriaexcess urine; glucose acts as diuretic; Na slats of ketone bodies also diuretics; leased to hemoconcentration, circulation failure, oliguria


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