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  1. Large fat cells
  2. Problem with protein glycosylation
  3. Neurovascular hypothesis
  4. Effects of arginine infusion
  5. OT (oxytocin) release
  1. a produce more leptin to eat less
  2. b excess glucose in blood binds to proteins, glycosylated proteins accumulate in eye membranes, kidneys, nerves, vascular system and other organs, inhibi nl fxn
  3. c hormonal rather than direct neural control of AP gland; Geoffrey Harris supporter;
  4. d neuroendocrine reflex - result of sensory input to SC -> brain; neuron depolarization in AP of pars nervosa -> Ca entry -> exocytosis of OT; AP reach axon tips in 0.5-1.5m/s; ex of stimulus released coupling: rapid response
  5. e insulin/glucagon increase; glucose only slightly elevated; problems with all protein meal -> hypoglycemia:: AA causes insulin release which causes dec in BSG, but glucagon inc prevents hypoglycemia

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  1. Hypoglycemia; epi via blood; Norepi in sympathetic nerves; SST
  2. intestinal peptide encoded in proglucagon gene; produced by L cells of the intestine; stimulates insulin release in presence of glucose and suppresses glucagon secretion
  3. Inc Ca stimulates release; gastrin stimulates release
  4. inc glucose uptake and use, glycerol synthesis, FFA uptake (via stimulating lipoprotein lipase in endothelial cells); dec lipolysis in fat cells via inhibiting lipases
  5. stimulates lipolysis in fat cells, source of endorphins such as B endorphins

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  1. Clinical importance GnRHinduce ovulation; treat oligospermia, constant exposure causes gonadotrope desensitization; GnRH longacting analogs = antifertility agent


  2. aMSH fxnF (stimulate development of ovarian follicles) M (stimulate synthesis of androgen binding protein in sertolli cells, formation of LH receptors in Leydig cells)


  3. Neurohemal organhuman (MSH causes development of fetal zone prior to birht, ACTH causes development of cortex after birth) sheep (switch from MSH to ACTH increasing cortisol sythesis, which induces birth of lamb)


  4. Somatomedin hypothesissays GH actions are mediated by somatomedins produced in liver and other tissue; Ex: insulin like growth factors (IGF)


  5. Serum Caabout 10mg/ml; free Ca biologically active; low Ca causes tetany (twitches)


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