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  1. Factors affecting AVP release: blood volume/pressure
  2. PTH related peptide (PTHrp)
  3. PTH action on bone
  4. Calcitonin (CT)
  5. Corticotropin
  1. a AVP less sensitive than response to changes in osmolality, 5% dec in BP, 8% dec in BV; important with hemorrhage and blood loss, location of arterial baroreceptors: aortic arch, carotid sinus, lt atrium
  2. b hypercalcemic agent produced by tumors, nl physio fxns in growth and development (inc fetal serum Ca, tooth eruption, mammary gland development)
  3. c dec blood Ca by acting on bone to inhibit osteoclast activity; produced by C cells (parafollicular cells that arise from ultimobranchial glands in mammals, migrate to thyroid gland) located in thyroid gland
  4. d increase Ca mobilization from bone; stimulate osteoblasts to release osteoclast diff inducing factore (IL-6) that cause osteoclasts to release acid proteases whichd digest bone matrix; stimulates differentiation of precursor cells to osteoclasts
  5. e alternate name: Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)

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  1. Glucose preduction from noncarb carbon substrates: AA from proteins, glycerol from fats
  2. Secretin, glucagon, gastric inhibitory peptide (GIP), vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP); share AA sequences; inc cAMP
  3. decapeptide; fxns to release FSH,LH; neuroregulation of GnRH: dopaminergic neurons stimulate secretion, encephalinergic neurons inhibit secretion
  4. Genotropsin ex of hGH, excess GH long acting analogs of SST
  5. Show little staining (ACTH)

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  1. Glucose homeostasisGlucose preduction from noncarb carbon substrates: AA from proteins, glycerol from fats


  2. Catabolisminsulin inhibits, glucagon stimulates; fuel source: storage depots; glycogenolysis, lipolysis, proteolysis


  3. Fxn of GI hormones in digestive movementsenzye, acid/base secretion; smooth muscle contraction; horm release from pancreatic islets; growth promoting actions


  4. Leptin levels regulate 2 key populations of neurons in hypothalamic arculate nucleussmall size, in many hyponuclei, produce hypophysiotropic hormones that regulate the anterior pituitary fxn, axons extend to the primary plexus of median eminence


  5. Polyuriadiverse in vertebrates (reproduction, growth and development, water/electrolyte balance, integument (skin, hair feathers)


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