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  1. Polyphagia
  2. Fxns of neurohypophysial horms
  3. FSH fxns
  4. CCK and G receptors
  5. Eating too little effect
  1. a osmoregulate, contractile regulation (vasopressin-osmo, OT -contractile activity: uterine, milk release, orgasm); Vasopressin - antidiuretic, ADH, increase permeability of collecting ducts to water
  2. b smaller fat cells decrease leptin which increases NPY release that binds to NPY receptor and increases AGRP (MC4R agonist) which both increase appetite and eating
  3. c Inc eating duet o cellular starvation
  4. d F (stimulate development of ovarian follicles) M (stimulate synthesis of androgen binding protein in sertolli cells, formation of LH receptors in Leydig cells)
  5. e CCK-A in pancreas acinar cells, CCK-B in brain and stomach, G receptor similar to CCk-B

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  1. 2 chains (A chain, 21AA, B chain, 30 AA), 2 inter-chain disulphide bridges
  2. decapeptide; fxns to release FSH,LH; neuroregulation of GnRH: dopaminergic neurons stimulate secretion, encephalinergic neurons inhibit secretion
  3. most originate in pancreatic islets and secrete insulin, glucagon, sometimes gastrin and VIP; Gastrin secreting tumor (gastinoma) -> Zollinger-ellison syndrome (ulcers); VIP secreting tumor (vipoma) -> pancreatic cholera (watery diarrhea); CCK in required for gallbladder fxn, pentagastrin for gastric acid secretion
  4. rickets (failure in kids) osteomalacia (in adults) Paget's dz ( weak bones due to excessive osteoclasts)
  5. Prehormones for 1,25(OH)2D3; Vit D3 (cholecalciferol) synthesized in skin from 7-dehydrocholesterol upon exposure to UVB, also in animal tissue; Ergocalciferol (D2) from plants can be used to form 1,25(OH)2D3

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  1. aMSH fxnstimulates thyroid gland


  2. Opiomelanotropinsstimulates GH release from AP


  3. Therapies for Ca loss dzCT tx; Biphosphonates (fosamax, boniva, actonel); selective estrogen recetpor modulator (SERMS); topical Vit D; lifestyle modifications (weight bearing exercise/ Ca uptake)


  4. Gastrin releaseinsulin stimulates, glucagon inhibits; fuel source: diet; glycogenesis, lipogenesis, protein sythesis


  5. GH related dzMSH binds to melanocortin1 receptor; inc in cAMP dec "free" Ca2+ causing relaxation of melanofilaments which allow melanosomes to spread, causing skin to darken


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