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  1. Rhetoric
  2. cycle plays
  3. Decorum
  4. panatlone
  5. corpus cristi
  1. a foolish old man in commedia dell' arte, played masked
  2. b art of persuasion, must have heart
  3. c religious cycle plays, human christ rather than devine
  4. d morality in a characters action is proceeded by age, status, and gender
  5. e creation to doomsday subject ,atter from bible

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  1. 24
  2. quem quaritus trope "Whom seek ye?"
  3. Noh plays about demon,five
  4. big hall in the louvre for the knig, converted to italian setting by TORELLI
  5. fall of Rome

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  1. Charlemagne768-814 ce tooke precedence over all secular princes


  2. ecclesiasticalremodled for chariot and pull by TORELLI used to be Palais cardinal


  3. Commedia dell' artea public theatre in Paris built by the confraternity of the passion who put on mystery plays there


  4. Torelli48


  5. easter24


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