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  1. salle des machines
  2. tsure
  3. Shuramono
  4. 1517
  5. gifts of fortune
  1. a 3rd actor companion role
  2. b date of the onset of the reformation, martin luether 95 thesis
  3. c paris, france. VIGARANI, replaced the petit bourbon open 1660
  4. d Noh plays about warriors,two
  5. e fellowship, kindred, cousin (fun kids can)

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  1. beauty strength discretion (be safe darnit!)
  2. 768-814 ce tooke precedence over all secular princes
  3. musical portion of the church
  4. 1644 burned and rebuilt, a raked stage
  5. musical portion of mass, established uniform practice, takes place outside

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  1. wayang Kulitshadow puppet theatre in indoesia, dialogue and narration with music


  2. prophets playderivived from nonbiblical source, blame jews for getting their own prophets


  3. Kabukiwilly and clever character, clowns or servants in commedia dell' arte


  4. fuedalismvassals- subjects of the lord


  5. shitefirst actorin Kabuki, mature character in kabuki


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