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  1. The pleiade
  2. cycle plays names
  3. wayang Kulit
  4. capitano
  5. Litergical drama
  1. a lead by pierre de ronsard, group of 7 french writers modled classical form
  2. b shadow puppet theatre in indoesia, dialogue and narration with music
  3. c braggart soldier in commedia dell' arte
  4. d musical portion of the church
  5. e n-town, york, chester, wakefield (New York cheesecake wow!)

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  1. fellowship, kindred, cousin (fun kids can)
  2. Noh plays about demon,five
  3. quem quaritus trope "Whom seek ye?"
  4. a public theatre in Paris built by the confraternity of the passion who put on mystery plays there
  5. Japanese oldest form of theatre with four pillars

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  1. definition of cycle playscreation to doomsday subject matter from bible


  2. 1517Henry VIII breaks from the church of Rome


  3. 1264Henry VIII breaks from the church of Rome


  4. palais a volontebaground for tragedies, more formal, setting palace


  5. dottorelearned person in commedia dell' arte


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