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  1. dottore
  2. easter
  3. Vivtruvius's De Architectura
  4. Kazuramono
  5. waki
  1. a primary source of info on greek and roman theatre building and staging practices no illustrations
  2. b most important day of the year in christianity
  3. c Noh plays about women, three
  4. d learned person in commedia dell' arte
  5. e 2nd actor priest unmasked

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  1. Noh plays about warriors,two
  2. remodled for chariot and pull by TORELLI used to be Palais cardinal
  3. Noh plays about gods, first
  4. musical portion of the church
  5. January 6

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  1. The pleiade768-814 ce tooke precedence over all secular princes


  2. Hrosvithafirst actorin Kabuki, mature character in kabuki


  3. Quem quaretisvassals- subjects of the lord


  4. ecclesiasticalbelonging to or involving the Christian Church or clergy


  5. Commedia dell' artecomedy of the professional players 10-12 actors of men and women use of improv


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