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  1. ecclesiastical
  2. wayang Kulit
  3. corpus cristi
  4. palais a volonte
  5. Three Kings
  1. a religious cycle plays, human christ rather than devine
  2. b belonging to or involving the Christian Church or clergy
  3. c shadow puppet theatre in indoesia, dialogue and narration with music
  4. d baground for tragedies, more formal, setting palace
  5. e January 6

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  1. rebith of theatre
  2. 42
  3. beauty strength discretion (be safe darnit!)
  4. vassals- subjects of the lord
  5. Noh plays about miscellaneous, four

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  1. confraternity of the passion1644 burned and rebuilt, a raked stage


  2. shitefirst actorin Kabuki, mature character in kabuki


  3. ShuramonoNoh plays about women, three


  4. CharlemagneNoh plays about warriors,two


  5. Palais Royalremodled for chariot and pull by TORELLI used to be Palais cardinal


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