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  1. miracle plays
  2. 1517
  3. neoclassicism
  4. Intermezzi
  5. palais a volonte
  1. a plays about the life of saints
  2. b baground for tragedies, more formal, setting palace
  3. c italian interludes inserted between acts or scenes of an opera used stock characters of commedia dell' arte
  4. d drawn upon ancient times must have verisimilitude, didacticism, decorum, and the 3 unities
  5. e date of the onset of the reformation, martin luether 95 thesis

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  1. between different courses during banquet with secular and moral meaning
  2. 48
  3. paris, france. VIGARANI, replaced the petit bourbon open 1660
  4. Japan, 3 pupetteers for one puppet accompanied by music
  5. 2nd actor priest unmasked

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  1. definition of cycle playscreation to doomsday subject matter from bible


  2. chambre a quartre portes1644 burned and rebuilt, a raked stage


  3. Quem quaretisincident where marys go to tomb where jesus was buried after good Friday


  4. TorelliItalian architect who created the cahriot and pull systen petit bourbon


  5. Wakefield32


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