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  1. capitano
  2. Teatro Olympico
  3. Decorum
  4. verisimilitude
  5. chambre a quartre portes
  1. a smller room with four doors usually an interior
  2. b braggart soldier in commedia dell' arte
  3. c oldest surviviing Renaissance theatre 1580-1584
  4. d neoclassiscm, the degree to which a dramatic representation approximates an appearance of reality
  5. e morality in a characters action is proceeded by age, status, and gender

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  1. musical portion of the church
  2. French Scenes linking of scenes
  3. Noh plays about gods, first
  4. Noh plays about warriors,two
  5. manor- large estate owner absolute power

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  1. eastermost important day of the year in christianity


  2. ecclesiasticalbelonging to or involving the Christian Church or clergy


  3. corpus cristivassals- subjects of the lord


  4. shitefirst actorin Kabuki, mature character in kabuki


  5. miracle playsplays about the life of saints


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