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  1. Distort
  2. Perennial
  3. Tortuous
  4. Elation
  5. Intent
  1. a a. Purpose b. Concentrating on or dedicated to an idea or action
  2. b a. To change something to make it false b. To twist something out of its natural shape
  3. c a. Having many twists and turns b. Deceitfully roundabout; tricky
  4. d Excited feelings of pride, triumph, or happiness
  5. e a. Lasting for an indefinitely long time b. continuing regularly c. Living longer than two years, especially in plants

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  1. To upset, to overthrow, to ruin
  2. a. To reply quickly and sharply, often as if in a reply to an accusation b. A quick, witty, sometimes biting reply
  3. a. To engage in a quarrel, a struggle, or a rivalry b. To assert; to put forward in an argument
  4. To penetrate through spaces; to spread throughout
  5. a. The sharp striking of one thing against another b. Instruments that make a sound when struck

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  1. Defera. To postpone, to delay b. To yield respectfully to the opinion or will of another


  2. AvertTo upset, to overthrow, to ruin


  3. Infera. to use available evidence to form a conclusion b. to guess


  4. ProseStubbornly doing something other than what is reasonable or required


  5. AdversityHardship, misfortune


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