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  1. Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. The most common are yellow and violet, blue and orange, red and green
  2. lights and darks of a color
  3. color scheme consisting of one color and its values; light blue, blue, dark blue
  4. red + blue =
  5. made when you mix a primary and a secondary color together, primary is named first
  6. color plus white, lightened color

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  1. color wheelthe chart that we organize colors on


  2. huelights and darks of a color


  3. primary colorscolors that cannot be made from any other color; red, yellow, and blue


  4. greenblue + yellow =


  5. shadecolor property that tells you what color it is


  6. cool colorscolors that remind you of fire and the sun; red, orange, and yellow


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