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  1. Laissez-faire racism
  2. Intersection perspective
  3. Class consciousness
  4. Income
  5. Upper middle class
  1. a High incomes and social prestige
  2. b perception that a class structure exists along with a feeling of shared identification with others in one's class
  3. c the interactive or combined effects of racism, classism, and gender in the oppression of people
  4. d aka symbolic racism; negative stereotyping, tendency to blame blacks for black/white gap, resistance to policy efforts
  5. e Amount of money recieved in a given period

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  1. a pattern in which different groups of workers are separated int o occupational categories based on gender
  2. Defined classes in a relationship to the means of production, the system by which goods are produced and distributed
  3. Determined by the gvt to be the amount of money needed to support the basic needs of a household; below this line, one is officially poor
  4. used by symbolic interactionists to interpret sexual identity as learned, not inborn
  5. Midpoint of all household incomes

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  1. Class conflicta person's placement in the class system can change according to personal achievements, class depends on achieved status


  2. Class (Weber)the prestige dimension of startification, the social judgment of recognition given to a person or group


  3. Occupational prestigevalue assigned to people/groups by others


  4. Feminization of povertyincome, education, place of residence


  5. Urban underclasshas been added to the lower class; those who are likely to be permanently unemployed and without much means of economic support


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