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  1. Urban underclass
  2. Sexual revolution
  3. Indicators of class
  4. Closed class systems
  5. Party (Weber)
  1. a the widespread changes i mens and womens roles and a greater public acceptance of sexuality as a normal part of social development
  2. b income, education, place of residence
  3. c aka power; political dimension; capacity to influence groups and individuals even in the face of opposition
  4. d has been added to the lower class; those who are likely to be permanently unemployed and without much means of economic support
  5. e Movement from one class to another is impossible

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  1. analyses that seek to understnad the position of women in society fo rthe xplicit purpose of imporving their position in society
  2. those with newly acquired wealth
  3. a system in which one's status is based on merit or accomplishments, not other social characteristics
  4. extreme segregation and exclusion of women from public life
  5. socially defined and patterned

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  1. Functionalist perspective on inequalityParts of society are in basic harmony; inequality servews an important purpose in society: motivates people to fill dft positions that are needed for survival of the whole; a reward system that motivates people to succeed


  2. Sexual orientationdefinition of oneself that is formed around one's sexual relationships; LEARNED through the context of our relationships; Not based on sexual processes


  3. Sexual scriptssocially defined and patterned


  4. Ideologybelief system that supports the status quo


  5. Color blind racismSubtle, covert, nonobvious ex: avoiding interaction


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