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  1. Labor force participation rate
  2. False consciousness
  3. Party (Weber)
  4. Ideology
  5. Lower class
  1. a aka power; political dimension; capacity to influence groups and individuals even in the face of opposition
  2. b percent of those in a given category who are employed either part time or full time
  3. c class consciousness of subordinate classes who had internalized th view of the dominant class; Karl Marx used term; ruling class controls subordinate classes
  4. d displaced and poor; little formal education; often unemployed or working in minimum wage jobs
  5. e belief system that supports the status quo

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  1. workers in skilled trades/low-income bureaucratic workers; aka working class
  2. a person's placement in the class system can change according to personal achievements, class depends on achieved status
  3. men fill instrumental roles in society where women fill expressive roles; arrangment works to benefit society
  4. Parts of society are in basic harmony; inequality servews an important purpose in society: motivates people to fill dft positions that are needed for survival of the whole; a reward system that motivates people to succeed
  5. aka "traffic in women"; the use of women worldwide as sex workers in an institutional context where sex itself is commodity

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  1. Upper classowns major share of corporate and personal wealth; had wealth for generations or recently become rich; very small portion of society


  2. Social mobilitya person's movement over time from one class to another


  3. Radical feminisminterprets patriarchy as the primary cause of women's oppression


  4. Caste systemOne's ascribed status (quality given to an individual by circumstances of birth) is that person's place in the system; ex: apartheid


  5. Cultural pluralismdft groups in society maintaining their distinctive cultures while also coexisting peacefully with the dominant group


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