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  1. Sexual scripts
  2. Lower middle class
  3. Aurthoritarian personality
  4. Status attainment
  5. Karl Marx: class and capitalism
  1. a Defined classes in a relationship to the means of production, the system by which goods are produced and distributed
  2. b workers in skilled trades/low-income bureaucratic workers; aka working class
  3. c authroitarian personality are more likely to be prejudiced against minorities than nonauthoritarian individuals
  4. d process by which people end up in a given position in the stratification system
  5. e teach us what is appropriate sexual behavior for each gender

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  1. refers to advocating a more just society for women
  2. the prestige dimension of startification, the social judgment of recognition given to a person or group
  3. chooses to ignore racial problems in america and think they will go away if ignored
  4. process through which men and women learn the expectations associated with their sex; Parents most important source, school, religion, media, popular cultureed`1d
  5. interprets patriarchy as the primary cause of women's oppression

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  1. Gender apartheidone's definition of oneself as a woman or man


  2. Gendered institutionsa pattern in which different groups of workers are separated int o occupational categories based on gender


  3. Conflict perspective on inequalityParts of society are in basic harmony; inequality servews an important purpose in society: motivates people to fill dft positions that are needed for survival of the whole; a reward system that motivates people to succeed


  4. Coming outprocess of defining oneself as gay/lesbian


  5. Social stratificationGroups have different accesst o resources, power and perceived social worth; a system of structured social inequality


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