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  1. Matriarchy
  2. Intragenerational
  3. Gender identity
  4. Melvin Oliver/Thomas Shapiro
  5. Sexuality
  1. a socially defined and patterned
  2. b society or group where women have power over men
  3. c one's definition of oneself as a woman or man
  4. d The sedimentation of racial inequality; the persisting effects of discriminatory policies
  5. e occurring within a generation

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  1. the widespread changes i mens and womens roles and a greater public acceptance of sexuality as a normal part of social development
  2. Parts of society are in basic harmony; inequality servews an important purpose in society: motivates people to fill dft positions that are needed for survival of the whole; a reward system that motivates people to succeed
  3. total yrs of formal education
  4. a pattern of extreme segregation
  5. paying women and men equivalent wages for jobs of similar skill level

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  1. Aurthoritarian personalitythe interactive or combined effects of racism, classism, and gender in the oppression of people


  2. Pluralismrefers to advocating a more just society for women


  3. Sexual scriptssocially defined and patterned


  4. Lower classdisplaced and poor; little formal education; often unemployed or working in minimum wage jobs


  5. Aversive racismSubtle, covert, nonobvious ex: avoiding interaction


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