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  1. Max Weber saw three dimensions to stratification (Mulitdimensional view of social stratification)
  2. Basis for US stratification
  3. Feminist theory
  4. Discrimination
  5. Sexual scripts
  1. a Behavior: negative/unequal treatment of members of a group based on their membership in that group
  2. b teach us what is appropriate sexual behavior for each gender
  3. c Class (economic demension), Status (prestige), Party (or power, political dimension)
  4. d Class, age, ethnicity, national origin, gender
  5. e analyses that seek to understnad the position of women in society fo rthe xplicit purpose of imporving their position in society

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  1. Amount of money recieved in a given period
  2. total owned minus debt
  3. where prostitution openly flourishes; ex: Thailand, Amsterdam
  4. result of differences int he indiviual characteristic st aht worker bring to jobs; assumes that the economic syste m is fair and competitive adn that wage discrepancies reflect differences in the resources that individuals bring to jobs
  5. a person's placement in the class system can change according to personal achievements, class depends on achieved status

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  1. IdeologyAmount of money recieved in a given period


  2. Aversive racismchooses to ignore racial problems in america and think they will go away if ignored


  3. Class consciousnessperception that a class structure exists along with a feeling of shared identification with others in one's class


  4. Conflict theory and genderGordon Allport:: interaction between whites and minorities may reduce prejudice; three conditions: individuals must be of equal status, contact must be long term, and norms favoring equality must be agreed upon by participants:: symbolic interaction theory


  5. Heterosexismthe institutionalization of heterosexuality as the only socially legitimate sexual orientation


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