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  1. Open class systems
  2. Wealth
  3. Working class via Marx
  4. Patriarchy
  5. Old fashioned racism
  1. a those who sell labor for wages
  2. b net value of what one actually owns; add all financial assets and subtract debt; allows one to accumulate assets over generations
  3. c a society or group in which men have power over women
  4. d Obvious, overt racism ex: physical assault
  5. e Placement in the class system is based on individual achievement, not ascription; loose class boundaries, high rates of class mobility, weak perceptions of class difference

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  1. the institutionalization of heterosexuality as the only socially legitimate sexual orientation
  2. interprets the origins of women's oppression in the capitalist system
  3. a pattern in which different groups of workers are separated int o occupational categories based on gender
  4. sought to apply the scientific principles of genetic selection to improve the offspring of the human race
  5. Determined by the gvt to be the amount of money needed to support the basic needs of a household; below this line, one is officially poor

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  1. Intergenerationaloccurring between generations


  2. Max Weber saw three dimensions to stratification (Mulitdimensional view of social stratification)Class, age, ethnicity, national origin, gender


  3. Labor force participation rateClass, age, ethnicity, national origin, gender


  4. PrestigeAttitude: evaluation of group based on conceptions about the group despite facts that disprove them


  5. Status attainmentordinary object given a "label" making it valuable


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