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  1. phenolic disinfectants
  2. bloodeborne pathogens
  3. after use on a client
  4. aquired immunity
  5. completely immersed in and EPA registered disinfectant
  1. a Disinfectant with a high pH that can cause skin irritation or burn the skin or eyes are?
  2. b A salon implement that accidentally comes in contact with blood or body fluids should be cleaned and?
  3. c How often must individual towels and linens be set aside to be laundered?
  4. d The type of immunity the body develops after overcoming a disease or through vaccinations is?
  5. e Disease-causing bacteria or viruses that are carried through the body in the blood or body fluids are?

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  1. Any disposable material used in cleaning blood spills should be?
  2. The process of removing pathogens and other substances from tools and surfaces is?
  3. A skin disease caused by an infestation of head lice is?
  4. Disinfectants must have a registration number and be approved by the?
  5. Estheticians who use needles and probes that lance the skin must use a level of decontamination called?

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  1. the client's skin is brokenAn exception to the level of protection that disinfection provides and the possibility of an infection could be present if?


  2. they may promote the growth of resistant strainsTransmission of bloodborne pathogens can become possible through shaving, nipping, facial treatments, waxing, tweezing, or?


  3. MSDSThe agency that sets the standard for dealing with bloodborne pathogens is?


  4. asymptomaticThe first step in the decontamination process is called?


  5. sanitationEstheticians who use needles and probes that lance the skin must use a level of decontamination called?


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