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  1. the client's skin is broken
  2. flushing system with low-sudsing soap and warm water for 10-min.,rinsing, draining, and air dry
  3. pediculosis
  4. bloodeborne pathogens
  5. contaminants
  1. a At the end of the day, the disinfection procedure for a foot spa should include removing and cleaning the screen, washing the screen and inlet with soap and water, and totally immersing the screen an in a approved disinfectant according to manufacturer's directions and?
  2. b An exception to the level of protection that disinfection provides and the possibility of an infection could be present if?
  3. c Universal precautions require employees to assume that human blood and body fluids are infectious for?
  4. d A skin disease caused by an infestation of head lice is?
  5. e The surface of tools or objects not completely free from dirt, oils, and microbes are covered with?

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  1. To be effective in the disinfection of implements, ethyl alcohol must be no less than?
  2. How often must individual towels and linens be set aside to be laundered?
  3. Estheticians who use needles and probes that lance the skin must use a level of decontamination called?
  4. If nail implements have not been disinfected properly, the client may contract?
  5. A manufacturer must supply pertinent safety and storage information by providing?

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  1. microorganisms on non-living surfacesAntiseptics are effective for?


  2. phenolic disinfectantsA chemical agent that is used to destroy bacteria and viruses on surfaces is?


  3. physical or chemical means to remove or destroyTransmission of bloodborne pathogens can become possible through shaving, nipping, facial treatments, waxing, tweezing, or?


  4. disinfectionA chemical agent that is used to destroy bacteria and viruses on surfaces is?


  5. sanitation, disinfection, and sterilizationDisinfectant with a high pH that can cause skin irritation or burn the skin or eyes are?


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