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  1. physical or chemical means to remove or destroy
  2. OSHA
  3. asymptomatic
  4. sodium hypochlorite
  5. regulatory oversight agency approved disinfectant
  1. a Decontamination is a process that involves the use of?
  2. b The contact points of equipment that cannot be immersed in liquid solutions should be cleaned and disinfected using a?
  3. c A client that is infected with Hepatitis B or other bloodborne pathogens and shows no symptoms or signs of infection is?
  4. d A common household product used effectively as a disinfectant is?
  5. e The agency that enforces safety and health standards in the workplace is?

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  1. When using liquid soap, scrub you hands and lather for at least?
  2. Estheticians who use needles and probes that lance the skin must use a level of decontamination called?
  3. A higher level of decontamination than sanitation is?
  4. Any item that cannot be disinfected after use on a client must be?
  5. Disinfectants must have a registration number and be approved by the?

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  1. bloodeborne pathogensDisease-causing bacteria or viruses that are carried through the body in the blood or body fluids are?


  2. double bagged or container for contaminated wasteStore a clean, disinfected implement in?


  3. sanitizing handsThe first step in the decontamination process is called?


  4. they may promote the growth of resistant strainsTransmission of bloodborne pathogens can become possible through shaving, nipping, facial treatments, waxing, tweezing, or?


  5. completely immersed in and EPA registered disinfectantA salon implement that accidentally comes in contact with blood or body fluids should be cleaned and?


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