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Chapter 5 part 2 Test

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  1. MSDS
  2. a clean, dry container
  3. OSHA
  4. decontamination
  5. a disinfectant solution and left at least 6-10 hours, then drained and flushed
  1. a Every week, foot spas should be cleaned following the daily procedure and filled with?
  2. b The agency that sets the standard for dealing with bloodborne pathogens is?
  3. c Store a clean, disinfected implement in?
  4. d The process of removing pathogens and other substances from tools and surfaces is?
  5. e A manufacturer must supply pertinent safety and storage information by providing?

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. The agency that enforces safety and health standards in the workplace is?
  2. When using liquid soap, scrub you hands and lather for at least?
  3. A client that is infected with Hepatitis B or other bloodborne pathogens and shows no symptoms or signs of infection is?
  4. A higher level of decontamination than sanitation is?
  5. Transmission of bloodborne pathogens can become possible through shaving, nipping, facial treatments, waxing, tweezing, or?

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  1. phenolic disinfectantsA chemical agent that is used to destroy bacteria and viruses on surfaces is?


  2. contaminantsThe surface of tools or objects not completely free from dirt, oils, and microbes are covered with?


  3. parasiteAn organism that lives on another living organism and draws its nourishment from that organism is a?


  4. regulatory oversight agency approved disinfectantThe contact points of equipment that cannot be immersed in liquid solutions should be cleaned and disinfected using a?


  5. physical or chemical means to remove or destroyDecontamination is a process that involves the use of?


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