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  1. fixed interval
  2. intrinsic motivation
  3. coping
  4. positive punishment
  5. latent learning
  1. a after a poor practice, the coach made the soccer team run 20 laps around the field
  2. b which schedule is this: a teacher calculates your participation points every day at three o'clock?
  3. c it is acquired without conscious effort or awareness or reinforcement; and it may not appear until needed
  4. d a desire to do something for its own sake, because one finds the behavior rewarding in itself
  5. e the ability to handle stress; optimists do this better than pessimists

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  1. the father of behaviorism
  2. variable interval is one
  3. a variable that can affect learning - the more the better
  4. he essentially invented classical conditioning
  5. that organisms tend to repeat behaviors that have posoitive outcomes

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  1. chainingeliciting complex behaviors by reinforcing successive approximations of the desired behavior


  2. variable intervalbehavior reinforced on this schedule is most likely to be long-lasting


  3. BF Skinnerhe developed the schedules of reinforcement through his research with pigeons


  4. extinctionboth internal and external, it has an effect on how well we learn


  5. self-regulationBandura said that this is one way we control our own behavior; the marshmallow/delay of gratification experiment is one example of this


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