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  1. John Garcia
  2. variable interval
  3. emotional intelligence
  4. delay of reinforcement
  5. omission training
  1. a a form of condtioning in which the reinforcement is give if the behavior in question does not occur in a certain time period
  2. b behavior reinforced on this schedule is most likely to be long-lasting
  3. c if there is long time lag between the behavior and its consequence, conditioning may not occur
  4. d his experiments in injecting animals with drugs that made them nauseous after feeding them a certain food helped to establish the idea that organisms learn best behaviors that affect survival
  5. e an important component of this is the ability to recognize and understands one's own feelings

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  1. a mental representation of an environment gained through experience or observation, as a rat has of a maze
  2. a method of increasing or decreasing particular behaviors by means of rewards and punishments
  3. the father of operant conditioning
  4. a term that includes the idea that organisms tend to learn fastest behaviors that affect survival
  5. he tried to condition an emotional response in a small child

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  1. Thorndike's Law of Effectthat excessive reinforcement, especially with external rewards, can reduce behavior that had been driven primarily by intrinsic motivtion


  2. Lev Vygotskyfailure to reinforce the CS for a number of trials will produce this


  3. Skinner boxhe developed the schedules of reinforcement through his research with pigeons


  4. constructedknowledge that children figure out for themselves


  5. Albert Banduraworked on the Little Albert experiment with Watson


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