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  1. positive reinforcement
  2. passive avoidance
  3. coping
  4. Lev Vygotsky
  5. fixed interval
  1. a the ability to handle stress; optimists do this better than pessimists
  2. b he described the Zone of Proximal Development as tasks a little harder than what a child can already do, tasks that children can learn with adult guidance
  3. c keeping away from an unpleasant stimulus by refraining from performing a particular behavior
  4. d which schedule is this: a teacher calculates your participation points every day at three o'clock?
  5. e Sally gives her boyfriend a big kiss after he shares his feelings with her

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  1. because he failed 3 classes in the first semester, his parents took away his shoes and made him walk to school every day in February barefoot
  2. refers to the process of an organism's pairing the CS with the UCS so that the CS will produce the CR
  3. he developed the idea of cognitive maps
  4. a desire to do something for its own sake, because one finds the behavior rewarding in itself
  5. reinforcement of the sort offered by a slot machine

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  1. aversive conditioninga method of increasing or decreasing particular behaviors by means of rewards and punishments


  2. positive punishmentafter a poor practice, the coach made the soccer team run 20 laps around the field


  3. delay of reinforcementif there is long time lag between the behavior and its consequence, conditioning may not occur


  4. variable intervalemployees in good standing get the week between Christmas and New Year's off every year


  5. stimulus generalizationBandura said that this is one way we control our own behavior; the marshmallow/delay of gratification experiment is one example of this


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