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  1. Lev Vygotsky
  2. operant conditioning
  3. John B. Watson
  4. negative reinforcement
  1. a the father of behaviorism
  2. b a method of increasing or decreasing particular behaviors by means of rewards and punishments
  3. c your teacher skips a required book report because the class average is an A+
  4. d he described the Zone of Proximal Development as tasks a little harder than what a child can already do, tasks that children can learn with adult guidance

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  1. because he failed 3 classes in the first semester, his parents took away his shoes and made him walk to school every day in February barefoot
  2. failure to reinforce the CS for a number of trials will produce this
  3. both internal and external, it has an effect on how well we learn
  4. a term that includes the idea that organisms tend to learn fastest behaviors that affect survival
  5. a method for controlling physiological processes by monitoring them

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  1. taste aversiona belief that rests on magical forces; people retain this belief if it is occasionally reinforced


  2. avoidancethe ability to handle stress; optimists do this better than pessimists


  3. constructeda general term for something that tends to elicit more of a behavior


  4. spontaneous recoverywhen a previously-conditioned CS that has been allowed to go extinct once again elicits the CR


  5. chainingeliciting complex behaviors by reinforcing successive approximations of the desired behavior


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