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  1. counter-conditioning
  2. acquisition
  3. fixed interval
  4. superstition
  5. negative punishment
  1. a refers to the process of an organism's pairing the CS with the UCS so that the CS will produce the CR
  2. b a belief that rests on magical forces; people retain this belief if it is occasionally reinforced
  3. c a general term for breaking the CS-CR relationship when the CR is undesireable; it works by replacing the CR with a different, desireable CR
  4. d your driver's license is suspended for tickets
  5. e employees in good standing get the week between Christmas and New Year's off every year

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  1. Mrs. Smith's 4th grade class doesn't have to take this week's spelling test because they had perfect attendance last week.
  2. eliciting complex behaviors by reinforcing successive approximations of the desired behavior
  3. keeping away from an unpleasant stimulus by performing a particular behavior; eg, pressing a lever to prevent an electric shock
  4. the father of behaviorism
  5. he found that children will imitate adults even when no adult is in the room with the child

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  1. variable intervalWhich schedule of reinforcement is this: every once in a while, your teacher gives extra credit points for students who are well-behaved in class?


  2. taste aversionboth internal and external, it has an effect on how well we learn


  3. Thorndike's Law of Effectthat excessive reinforcement, especially with external rewards, can reduce behavior that had been driven primarily by intrinsic motivtion


  4. reinforcerused to study operant conditioning in pigeons by enclosing the pigeons


  5. fixed ratiowhich schedule is this: your math teacher gives you 10 extra credit points for every 20 extra problems you solve?


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