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  1. John Garcia
  2. variable interval
  3. emotional intelligence
  4. extinction
  5. John B. Watson
  1. a his experiments in injecting animals with drugs that made them nauseous after feeding them a certain food helped to establish the idea that organisms learn best behaviors that affect survival
  2. b Which schedule of reinforcement is this: every once in a while, your teacher gives extra credit points for students who are well-behaved in class?
  3. c he tried to condition an emotional response in a small child
  4. d failure to reinforce the CS for a number of trials will produce this
  5. e an important component of this is the ability to recognize and understands one's own feelings

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  1. Garcia found that animals learned this faster, probably because it is so important to survival
  2. a type of therapy designed to present a patient with a phobic object and help the patient overcome the phobia
  3. your teacher skips a required book report because the class average is an A+
  4. because he failed 3 classes in the first semester, his parents took away his shoes and made him walk to school every day in February barefoot
  5. the father of behaviorism

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  1. operant conditioninga general term for breaking the CS-CR relationship when the CR is undesireable; it works by replacing the CR with a different, desireable CR


  2. primary reinforcerfood would be one, but gold stars would not be


  3. reciprocal determinismBandura's idea that our behavior, our psychology and our environment all affect each other


  4. latent learningit is acquired without conscious effort or awareness or reinforcement; and it may not appear until needed


  5. positive punishmentBart Simpson is writing "I will not blow my nose into the soft-serve machine." on the classroom blackboard.


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