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  1. amount of practice
  2. variable ratio
  3. fixed ratio
  4. BF Skinner
  5. extinction
  1. a a variable that can affect learning - the more the better
  2. b failure to reinforce the CS for a number of trials will produce this
  3. c he developed the schedules of reinforcement through his research with pigeons
  4. d which schedule is this: your math teacher gives you 10 extra credit points for every 20 extra problems you solve?
  5. e reinforcement of the sort offered by a slot machine

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  1. eliciting complex behaviors by reinforcing successive approximations of the desired behavior
  2. employees in good standing get the week between Christmas and New Year's off every year
  3. he developed the idea of cognitive maps
  4. Garcia found that animals learned this faster, probably because it is so important to survival
  5. a belief that rests on magical forces; people retain this belief if it is occasionally reinforced

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  1. biofeedbacka method for controlling physiological processes by monitoring them


  2. active avoidanceattempting to escape a potential unpleasant stimulus, by either passive or active behavior


  3. exposure therapyhe developed the idea of cognitive maps


  4. systematic desensitizationa classical conditioning technique for treating phobias by using relaxation techniques to reduce the anxiety associated with the phobic stimulus


  5. avoidancelinking together behaviors to create a highly complex behavior


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