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  1. Pinckey Treaty
  2. Nullification
  3. Talleyrand
  4. John Jay
  5. Bill of Rights
  1. a The first ten amendments of the Constitution,added in 1791 when it was adopted by the necessary number of states. It guarantees such civil liberties as freedom of speech, free press, and freedom of religion. Written by James Madison.
  2. b the states'-rights doctrine that a state can refuse to recognize or to enforce a federal law passed by the United States Congress
  3. c foreign minister; In 1797, Adams sent a diplomatic commission to France to settle matters about the upset of the Jay Treaty of 1794. The French thought that America was siding with the English violating the Franco-American Treaty of 1778. The commission was sent to talk to Talleyrand about the seizing of American ships by the French. Communication between the commission and Talleyrand existed between three go betweeners (XYZ) because talking to Talleyrand in person would cost a quarter of a million dollars. Americans soon negotiated and this act subtly started an undeclared war with France.
  4. d Gave America Free navigation of the Mississippi, large area of north Florida.
  5. e Chief Justice of the United States; in 1794 George Washington sent him to negotiate a treaty with England

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  1. Given in 1796, when he retired from office. It wasn't given orally, but was printed in newspapers. It did not concern foreign affairs; most of it was devoted to domestic problems. He stressed that we should stay away from permanent alliances with foreign countries; temporary alliances wouldn't be quite as dangerous, but they should be made only in "extraordinary emergencies". He also spoke against partisan bitterness.
  2. A body of executive department heads that serve as the chief advisors to the President. Formed during the first years of Washington's Presidency, the original members of included the Sec. of State, of the Tres. and of War. extremely important to the presidency, because these people influence the most powerful man in the nation.
  3. He was a representative of the French Republic who came to America in order to recruit Americans to help fight in the French Revolution.
  4. was the first secretary of war; came to power in 1789; was the first to be entrusted with the infant army and navy.
  5. organized the Supreme Court, originally with five justices and a chief justice, along with several federal district and circuit courts. It also created the attorney general's office.

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  1. Compact theorywas supported by Jefferson and Madison. meant that the thirteen states, by creating the federal government, had entered into a contract about its jurisdiction. The national government was the agent of the states. This meant that the individual states were the final judges of the national government's actions. The theory was the basis for the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions passed in 1798.


  2. Strict constitutionbegan in 1789 with some nonviolent restrictions on the king, but became more hostile in 1792 when France declared war on Austria. Seeking help from America, the French pointed to the Franco-American alliance of 1778. Not wanting to get involved for fear of damage to the trade business, Washington gave the Neutrality Proclamation, which made America neutral.


  3. Neutrality Proclamationthe states'-rights doctrine that a state can refuse to recognize or to enforce a federal law passed by the United States Congress


  4. Convention of 1800signed in Paris that ended France's peacetime military alliance with America. Napoleon was eager to sign this treaty so he could focus his attention on conquering Europe and perhaps create a New World empire in Louisiana. This ended the "quasi-war" between France and America.


  5. Daniel Shaysa radical veteran of the Revolution. He led a rebellion. He felt he was fighting against a tyranny. He was sentenced to death but was later pardoned.


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