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  1. coccidioidomycosis
  2. children <10years old
  3. yellow fever
  4. acute disseminated candidemia
  5. candida albicans
  1. a occurs mainly in South America and Africa
  2. b heterophile antibody tests can be falsely negative in what group?
  3. c IV drug users are most prone to what fungal infection
  4. d infects pericardium in its disseminated form
  5. e infection spread to one or more organs

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  1. occurs mainly in SE asia
  2. heterophile antibody test showing absorption by bovine erythrocytes but not guinea pig cells is positive for what infectious agent
  3. vector for african sleeping sickness
  4. infection from nematodes
  5. characterized by an increase in mononuclear lymphocytes

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  1. trypanosoma brucei rhodesiensecauses chagas' disease


  2. S. mansoni, S. haematobiumcauses acute schistosomiasis - katayama's fever


  3. infectious mononucleosispreferentially infects B cells, which may cause latent B cell infection


  4. yellow fever virushas a third phase of infection displaying the following: delirium, seizures, coma, hepatic degeneration, black vomit from intestinal hemorrhage


  5. trypanosoma cruziinfection commonly through contaminated water


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