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  1. African sleeping sickness
  2. children <10years old
  3. human african trypanosomiasis (HAT)
  4. schistosomiasis
  5. plasmodium vivax, plasmodium ovale
  1. a treatment resistant parasites reside dormant in liver
  2. b hallmark of this disease is invasion of CNS, symptoms include apathy, fatigue, confusion, motor changes, changes in sleep patterns
  3. c heterophile antibody tests can be falsely negative in what group?
  4. d histologic characteristic is kinetoplastids
  5. e infection commonly through contaminated water

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  1. vector for african sleeping sickness
  2. characterized by an increase in mononuclear lymphocytes
  3. causes dengue or yellow fever
  4. causes acute schistosomiasis - katayama's fever
  5. causes chagas' disease

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  1. S. japonicumcauses swimmers itch


  2. trypanosoma brucei rhodesienseacute african sleeping sickness


  3. histoplasmosisinfection commonly through contaminated water


  4. triatome(reduviid) bugs, kissing bugsvector that transmits chagas disease


  5. infectious mononucleosisinvasion of B cells may cause leukopenia during 1st week of infection


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