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  1. chagas' disease
  2. chronic disseminated candidemia
  3. infectious mononucleosis
  4. leishmaniasis
  5. human african trypanosomiasis (HAT)
  1. a histologic characteristic is kinetoplastids
  2. b preferentially infects B cells, which may cause latent B cell infection
  3. c vector transmits infection through feces
  4. d key symptom being abdominal protrusion due to hepatosplenomegaly
  5. e liver, spleen, and sometimes kidneys are involved. positive blood cultures rare

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  1. vector for leishmaniasis
  2. gives protection from plasmodium parasite, more common among African Americans
  3. phase 1 of infection characterized by "breakbone fever"
  4. occurs mainly in South America and Africa
  5. can occasionally cause CNS lesion in the brain

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  1. dengue feveroccurs mainly in SE asia


  2. burkitt's lymphomavector transmits infection through feces


  3. candida parapsilosisincreased frequency in pediatric patients


  4. S. cercariaehistological characteristic is Schuffner's dots


  5. coccidioidomycosisinfects pericardium in its disseminated form


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