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  1. infectious mononucleosis
  2. malaria
  3. S. cercariae
  4. acute disseminated candidemia
  5. coccidioidomycosis
  1. a causes swimmers itch
  2. b histological characteristic is Schuffner's dots
  3. c infection spread to one or more organs
  4. d infects pericardium in its disseminated form
  5. e preferentially infects B cells, which may cause latent B cell infection

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  1. causes lymphadenitis and endocarditis in disseminated form
  2. can be found in urine of individual infected with schistosomiasis
  3. phase 1 of infection characterized by "breakbone fever"
  4. primary infection related to catheter
  5. occurs mainly in SE asia

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  1. plasmodium falciparumO/E find mild jaundice, enlarged liver, increases RR


  2. leishmaniasisinfection from nematodes


  3. B. microti, B. divergensmost common parasite(s) causing babesiosis


  4. candida albicansincreased freq. in bone marrow transplants


  5. arthropodshistological characteristic is a tetrad formation


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