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  1. white-footed mouse (peromyscus leucopus) and deer tick (ixodes dammini)
  2. infectious mononucleosis
  3. S. haematobium
  4. yellow fever virus
  5. arthropods
  1. a vector for filariasis
  2. b hosts involved in most common babesiosis infection
  3. c preferentially infects B cells, which may cause latent B cell infection
  4. d can be found in urine of individual infected with schistosomiasis
  5. e carried by vector Aedes aegypti

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  1. causes acute schistosomiasis - katayama's fever
  2. acute african sleeping sickness
  3. causes lymphadenitis and endocarditis in disseminated form
  4. b- cell lymphoma caused by EBV
  5. causes myocarditis, pericarditis, and endocarditis in disseminated form

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  1. infectious mononucleosisinfection commonly through contaminated water


  2. candida kruseiincreased freq. in bone marrow transplants


  3. lymphatic filariasisinfection from nematodes


  4. infectious mononucleosiscauses myocarditis, pericarditis, and endocarditis in disseminated form


  5. plasmodium falciparumO/E find mild jaundice, enlarged liver, increases RR


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